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by Jay Balakrishna

Videos from Arsikere.

Videos here where shot in and around Arsikere. While a couple of Token exchange videos where shot while on a trip on the Shimoga Town-Mysore Special Express.
intercity.jpg (60217 bytes) 2725 SBC-UBL Intercity hauled by ED WDM2 17676 seen here charging up the gradient about a Km south of Arsikere(ASK) station. Note the wrong gradient marker with the arrow pointing up when in fact, it is a down gradient. Also note the brownish deposit all along the ballast which is the result of heavy braking as the trains slowdown while approaching ASK.
320x240, 44Sec, 1.97MB.
intercity2.jpg (73567 bytes) My cousin assured me that the Intercity will stop at ASK for a minimum of 15Mins because of crew change that happens at ASK for all trains, and we could scoot across the town to catch the Intercity departing ASK. I was skeptical because the schedule is 5 min halt at ASK per TT. But true to his words, the Intercity was just about departing and it departed in grand style at that, with ALCo smoke shooting straight up and the smoke clearing up as the engine revved up. Also note that the customary honking for the level crossing was not performed by the assistant because he was probably busying himself settling down for the long run to UBL.
320x240, 43Sec, 1.91MB.
MYS_Pass.jpg (65829 bytes) ASK-MYS passenger just out of ASK negotiating a tight curve turning due west towards Hassan.                                                            

320x240, 50Sec, 2.21MB.
Jan_Shatabdi.jpg (55604 bytes) SBC-UBL Jan Shatabdi entering ASK. We tried to catch it departing ASK like we did for Intercity. But this time we ran out of luck. It had departed ASK in less than 5 Mins.

320x240, 30Sec, 1.33MB.
Token1.jpg (92962 bytes) Scene of a Neale's ball token exchange at Habanghatta on the Arsikere-Hassan line. The train is the Shimoga Town-Mysore Express. The assistant driver relinquishes the token from the previous block section, and snags the wooden hoop carring the new token for the next section from the person on the ground while the train is on the move.
320x240, 12Sec, 868KB
Token2.jpg (99584 bytes) The token that was acquired at Habbangatta in the previous video is relinquished here at Bageshpura by the assistant driver and another token is picked up for the next block section which is till Hassan.

320x240, 14Sec, 1MB.

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Copyright (c) 2002, Jay Balakrishna
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