WP at Daund [1990]

We were lucky to catch the last WP from Daund just before it was withdrawn. The purpose of the visit was to study the power so that the 1/20 scale Brass model of the Model Railway Society of Pune could be built. The pictures are by Vivek Kulkarni, Raman Chitale, Suresh Rao, my wife Shyama and me [Apurva].

Image2.jpg (81608 bytes) Look who is here! The WP 7715 stares in our face at Daund.
Image1.jpg (84681 bytes) The running shed is in front of us, the workshops are the large building towards the left rear. The loco foreman's office is the white building on the left. The lines to the right lead to Solapur.
Image5.jpg (92255 bytes) Image4.jpg (91133 bytes) Attempt at a panoramic shot of the grand beast
Image6.jpg (92067 bytes) Image7.jpg (106095 bytes) Image8.jpg (76177 bytes) Image11.jpg (105695 bytes)
Image10.jpg (106756 bytes) Image14.jpg (79697 bytes) Image15.jpg (50964 bytes) Image9.jpg (99970 bytes)
Image16.jpg (94390 bytes) Image17.jpg (101208 bytes) Image12.jpg (99668 bytes) Image13.jpg (97422 bytes)
Image18.jpg (88639 bytes) Image19.jpg (111699 bytes) Image40.jpg (98921 bytes) Image39.jpg (91753 bytes)
Image45.jpg (96104 bytes) Image48.jpg (95643 bytes) Image31.jpg (117412 bytes) The 18.8 tonne coal load. The slanted marks show the level of coal. Note the chains binding the marker lamps.
Image38.jpg (92231 bytes) Image41.jpg (86476 bytes) Image42.jpg (95532 bytes)
Image43.jpg (96604 bytes) Image44.jpg (109292 bytes) Image32.jpg (100559 bytes) Image33.jpg (95865 bytes)
Image46.jpg (95142 bytes) Image47.jpg (39813 bytes)
Image34.jpg (113346 bytes) The gang who tend the beast Image35.jpg (104518 bytes) Raiders of Daund! From left Vivek, Shilpa, Raman, Shyama, Suresh, tiny Jhanavi and yours truly.


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