The WDP2 locomotive

India's first high speed, high horse power diesel locomotive

WDP2 loco

Salient Features

  1. Diesel locomotive Works, Varanasi has turned out a new locomotive called WDP2. These locos with their high horse power and high speed potential, will soon usher in an era of 24 coach trains on this railway.

  2. The comparative features of the new locomotive vis-à-vis existing breed of locomotive are shown below:

    Existing Loco New Loco
    Maximum Speed 120 Kmph 160 Kmph
    Horse Power 2450 3100
    Fuel consumption per HP/Hour 165 Grams 156 Grams
  3. The new locomotive also has a cab on either side, thus enabling it to run at full speed in both directions. Its twin beam, sealed headlights provide maximum visibility for night driving.

  4. Designed and built entirely with indigenous efforts from Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi, these locos will be maintained by the Golden Rock (Trichy) Diesel loco Shed, the only Shed in India with an ISO9002 accreditation. They will soon be deployed in the newly converted Chennai Egmore - Tiruchirappalli Section, after completion of trials.


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