Some pictures inside the WDM2 cab

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View from the short hood door

View from the short hood door. In front is the windscreen that the driver looks out from when driving long hood leading. This is a Southern Railways loco from Erode (ED). The padded seat is a rare sight, normally it is a bare wooden stool.

Instruments and controls visible

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View from a long hood leading Pune WDM2 between Daund and Kurduwadi in 1996

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Another view of the same loco

Another view of the same loco, note the driver's log on the control stand, and the vacuum gauge at 50 cms meaning brakes are fully off.

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Full throttle!

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A look at the assistant seat

A look at the assistant seat. Filling the log books is a constant activity on the footplate.

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View from the assistant's seat

View from the assistant's seat, looking back. This would be the driver's seat when the loco is driving short hood leading.


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