WDG4 at Guntakal and Cuddupah

as seen from 6011 Dn. (3rd Sept 2000)

wdg4_1.jpg (129391 bytes) The ugly but powerful beast, reversing from the Gooty end of Guntakal station.
wdg4_2.jpg (103301 bytes) The front and the rear of the loco. The iron cylinder on the platform in the first picture is a cash-carrying safe! It is used to carry the cash receipts from wayside stations by the guard of a stopping passenger train.
wdg4_3.jpg (71763 bytes)
wdg4_4.jpg (96111 bytes) The scheduled 5-minute halt of my train, the 6011 Dn. express does not encourage jumping onto another platform for a closer look. The driver of the loco mentioned that each of these locos can haul a load of 5000 tonnes.
wdg4_5.jpg (85656 bytes) A BOXN rake waiting at Bhakrapeta for the 6011 to cross. This is not the leading loco but the banker for the ghat section. The lead loco is another WDG4 facing Cuddupah.
wdg4_6.jpg (107850 bytes)
wdg4_7.jpg (129632 bytes) A quick shot of a crossing WDG4. Note the massive rubber bellows in the bogies. This is the Razampeta station. I saw the first WDG4 at Adoni the same morning on the 6011 Dn. Through the day, I saw at least 12 locos.


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