My trip to Wankaner [9 - 12 Jan 1999]

Image3_small.jpg (1834 bytes) Wankaner in the morning
Image8_small.jpg (2609 bytes) Crossing at Makansar
Image13_small.jpg (2763 bytes) Railfanning dangerously
Image20_small.jpg (1830 bytes) Divine Morbi Jn.
Image27_small.jpg (1641 bytes) Train on the Macchu bridge
Image30_small.jpg (2494 bytes) 1345 departure to WKR
Image39_small.jpg (2443 bytes) An easy afternoon at WKR
Image47_small.jpg (1756 bytes) Shed view of WKR
Image56_small.jpg (1520 bytes) Goods and other lines
Image51_small.jpg (1592 bytes) Friendly staff at WKR
Image57_small.jpg (2822 bytes) Goods being shunted, YG style
Image59_small.jpg (1969 bytes) Breakdown rake
Image64_small.jpg (2276 bytes) 1815 hrs. departure to MVI
Image71_small.jpg (1678 bytes) 430 Up from Dahinsara comes towards MVI
Image79_small.jpg (1617 bytes) Drinking water special!
Image81_small.jpg (2614 bytes) The departure of the drinking water special
Image84_small.jpg (2410 bytes) Views from the first coach
Image91_small.jpg (3304 bytes) Dahinsara Jn.
Image101_small.jpg (3186 bytes) Vavania and watering pics
Image104_small.jpg (1865 bytes) Pics of Gandhidham Jn.
WR.jpg (269206 bytes) Map of the area

Also check out Bharat Vohra's site of Wankaner.

Trip report


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