Scans of some historical Indian Railway Locomotives

kindly provided by John Lacey.

Nwr.jpg (219862 bytes) An outline drawing of the 1935 NWR diesel electric, in the style of the Locomotive Magazine drawings.
nwrdiesel.jpg (35840 bytes) Picture of the NWR diesel 332, taken from couplings to the Khyber.
GIPR.jpg (112406 bytes) GIPR electrics, from OS Nock's Locomotion [1975] - but John is quite sure that the original drawing is from the Locomotive Magazine.
WT.jpg (55395 bytes) The CLW-built WT class BG tank loco. Picture by P.J.Bawcutt on p26 of H.Hughes, Steam locomotives of India, part 3, CRC, 1979.


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