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Images from the 6529 Udyan Express

refuel.jpg (77213 bytes) Kazipet WDM2 # 17430 in the somewhat faded Indian 'Tricolour' livery gets refuelled at the SE end of Daund.
cscrane.jpg (75278 bytes) cscrane1.jpg (71363 bytes) cscrane2.jpg (78224 bytes) The Cowans Sheldon diesel crane # 141001 replaces the legendary steam crane (also of Cowans make) — the "Veer Bhimsen". The accompanying breakdown rake is with air brakes now.
jntr.jpg (136024 bytes) jntr1.jpg (113386 bytes) This is the 'Mobile Repair Van' from Daund seen at Jinti Road. The frame seems to be from an old 'non-integral' coach, the shelter in the middle seems to be from a scrapped C wagon — what does it do? I do not know....
sur.jpg (98815 bytes) sur1.jpg (84993 bytes) One of Pune shed's six WDS6s — # 36103 busy at Solapur (SUR) yard.
sur2.jpg (114069 bytes) Kalyan WDM2 # 18251 has hauled the 17-coach Udyan express all the way from Mumbai CSTM (455 Kms). This is a new trend — hauling some trains all the way behind diesel power. Four more coaches are attached at SUR to make this train into a 21-coach rake. Normally a more powerful WDM2C is used to haul such a heavy rake, but on that day a plain Pune WDM2 # 18720 was used all the way to Bangalore (SBC) due to the failure of a link power. The train lost almost 2 hours due to the borderline power of the single WDM2. However I got a chance of witness the exhilarating sounds of a WDM2 flat out at only 15 kmph while climbing the 1-in-68 Makali ghats between Hindupur and Dodaballapur.
akrd.jpg (65383 bytes) 328 Up passenger from Hyderabad crosses Udyan at Akkalkot Road as the sun is setting. The 328 has left HYD in the morning and will arrive at Pune only the next morning stopping at all stations. Heavy rains during the night ahead delay the Udyan as does the single WDM2 power.

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