Phil Wormald and friends in Pune (8th Dec 2000)

This is a partial record of Phil Wormald and eight other friends who were in Pune on the 8th of Dec 2000.

I am waiting for Phil and the other members to post their pictures and trip report, but here are some pictures from that day.

pw1.jpg (47733 bytes) Phil in the first coach of the 7384 express. As the first coach is usually a sleeper, it is possible to open the vestibule door and savour the beast in action from real close.
316_jsv.jpg (100738 bytes) The Miraj - Sasvad Road 316 passenger at Jarandeshwar station. We took this train to go back to the Adarki station.
316_1_aki.jpg (74360 bytes) 316 passenger ready to depart after leaving us at Adarki.
316_aki.jpg (78630 bytes) The 316 appears on the opposite side of the Adarki horseshoe curve, smoking for the Phil and friends.
315_1aki.jpg (64420 bytes) Treat! A few minutes later the 315 Pune - Kolhapur passenger comes on the curve. The 316 crew calls the 315 driver on the walkie talkie and asks him to make smoke for the benefit of the cameras at the Adarki station.
315_aki.jpg (114312 bytes) 315 passenger arrives at Adarki after turning a full 180 degress in the horseshoe curve. The views in the above two pics are shot from the other side of this platform.
315_wtr.jpg (109463 bytes) This is the 315 passenger which we took from Adarki to Wathar. Soon we travel on the 7308 Koyna Express from WTR back to Pune. The 7308 stops at Wathar (for lunch) and not Adarki, hence the additional passenger train rides.
pashed.jpg (56327 bytes) WDG2 # 14818 with the WDM2 # 17515 at the fueling station at Ghorpadi loco shed, Pune. The WDM2 is leaving towards Pune platforms, 3 kms distant, to take the 2780 Goa express between Pune and Londa.
pashed_1.jpg (107201 bytes) Pune WDG2 # 14818 moved to a different position in the setting sun for taking photographs.
pashed_2.jpg (84870 bytes) pashed_3.jpg (89197 bytes) Visit to the Pune loco shed. The visitors pose with the SME of Pune division, Mr. P.S. Malhotra. I did not know that the numbers are done with fluorescent tape! Note the high adhesion bogie and the reversed entry door (and reversed seating arrangement) on this type of loco.
pashed_4.jpg (137272 bytes) pashed_5.jpg (111103 bytes)

Read Pune Times of India's coverage of Phil Wormald and group's visit to India. The paper is dated 11th of Dec 2000 and the item is on the headlines.


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