The 2701 picking up the Niele's Ball token

Images of the Pune - Miraj route


Photo 1: Here she comes! This is the picture of the 2701 Up Goa Express (Miraj - Hazrat Nizamuddin) crossing the 315 Dn Pune - Miraj - Kolhapur Passenger. The location is Salpa (SLP) near Satara.

The 315 Dn. in the right of the picture has been stopped so that the Goa Express can continue non-stop on this single line section. These photos have been taken on a rainy mid-morning in July 1991. In those days, the BG Goa Express used to connect to the MG 7803/7804 Goa Express (from Vasco Goa) at Miraj. The 2701 Up Goa Exp (referred by the railway men as 'Super' on account of its superfast status) has left Miraj (MRJ) at 0645 hrs to reach Pune (PA) at 1215. Then it would further travel to reach Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) next day at 1400 hrs.

The 315 Dn leaves Pune at 0850 to reach Kolhapur at 1955 while stopping at all stations on this 328 km route.


Photo 2: Ready for crossing. The Itarsi WDM2 18685 is about to cross the Pune WDM2 17318 at about 75 km/h. Note the green flag by the 315 Dn. assistant driver; similarly the 2701 assistant is also showing the green flag to the 315 Dn. This means the section ahead for each train is in order and the staff is alert.


Photo 3: Picking the token. The 2701 Up loco crosses the 315 Dn. standing on the other track. Note the 2701 assistant driver getting ready to drop (surrender?) the token of the earlier section and pick up the new token in the reed-and-leather hoop held by the signal man. The signal man is standing on a platform opposite to the Station Master's office. Note the piece of highlighted white rail that the station staff has to hold on to as the Goa Express passes him at speed. Note the flag set in the signal man's hand and the 'Starter' semaphore on the 'Road 1' which is 'On'.


Photo 4: The 315 Dn Locomotive. WDM2 # 17318 in greater detail at Wathar (WTR) for the lunch break (10 minutes).

Note the following:


Photo 5: The 2702 Dn crossing at Alandi (ALE). On our return trip from Wathar to Pune, we boarded the 7308 Up Koyna Express (Kolhapur to Mumbai). This is the Koyna stopping at Alandi, 24 kms from Pune to allow the 2702 Dn Goa Express 'Super' to cross. The Koyna assistant driver (whose shoe can be seen on the left) exchanges the green flag with the thundering Itarsi WDM2 17259 of the Goa Express coming from Hazrat Nizamuddin. Note the 'Advanced Starter' of Alandi in the 'On' position to block the Koyna.


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