Mysore shed [1991]

My wife Shyama has clicked most of the pictures.

Image1.jpg (121245 bytes) YG 4253 in periodic maintenance. All the Mysore powers have (had!) this colour combination. This is an example of a TELCO-built YG, whose trademark is TATA.
Image2.jpg (84705 bytes) View of the coaling line outside the shed. The shed is to the right of this location. Behind us is the MYS station and the tracks ahead would lead to Arsikere. Note the accident relief rake on the left.
Image5.jpg (78611 bytes) The MYS roundhouse in front of the coaling line
Image3.jpg (125941 bytes) The shed foreman welcomed us with the warmth and charm found on often on the SR. Here he explains the shed details to yours truly. The first two locos illustrate the round and the square shells of headlights found on YPs and YGs.
Image4.jpg (97883 bytes) Morning shift in full swing
Image6.jpg (100410 bytes) View from the corner of the shed
Image7.jpg (63119 bytes) The single turntable leads to the radiating lines in all directions. YG 3424 being readied to be turned onto the correct line.
Image8.jpg (87583 bytes) Waiting for the other two guys required at the other end of the turntable
Image9.jpg (77442 bytes) Four people is all that it requires to push and turn the YG
Image11.jpg (65144 bytes) Turning...
Image12.jpg (78097 bytes) Almost there...
Image21.jpg (55725 bytes) Locking the turntable in place so that the loco can be steamed out
Image16.jpg (83563 bytes) View from the footplate as another power is turned on the table. This is the mechanical recording speedo found on many steam powers. The red lamp just below the 12 O'clock position is supposed to light in the event of overspeeding. Note the clock in the centre of the speedo dial.
Image17.jpg (76256 bytes) The loco now faces the other way
Image13.jpg (89710 bytes) Injector at work on the YG.
Image14.jpg (72779 bytes) An accident job on the left. The MYS shed had scrapped their last YL power just a few days back.
Image15.jpg (93801 bytes) Boiler being washed out
Image18.jpg (104381 bytes) 'With pleasure', was the response of the shed foreman, when we seeked the permission to see his shed.
Image20.jpg (39328 bytes) Message from the MYS shed for all of us.
Image19.jpg (108221 bytes) Goodbye shed! The view of the shed from the departing MYS - Arsikere passenger.


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