YP and YG steamers at Miraj

Miraj Jn. (under South Central Railway's Hubli Jn.) used to be one of the rare stations on the Indian Railway with all the three gauges. The MG line started from Miraj and went the rest of Southern India via Hubli and Arsikere. Now with the 'unigauging', there is only BG and NG. Once the Barsi Light Railway gets converted to BG in a few years time, these images from 1992 will be only pleasant memories.

YG1mrj.jpg (149447 bytes) Greetings from me, Apurva and my wife, Shyama. This is the YG 3290 heading the 210 Dn. Miraj - Londa passenger. This outstanding picture has been taken by the driver Henry Anthony who had probably wielded the camera for the first time! But then Henry is the resident artist amongst the Miraj drivers. His line drawings depicting the railways' progress from steam to diesel and electric grace many of the Pune shed WDM2 cabs. He is also a very good Ghazal singer.
YGMRJ1.jpg (34200 bytes) YGMRJ10.jpg (29756 bytes) YGMRJ7.jpg (32184 bytes) More views of the YG 3290. Although the NG station under CR's Solapur Division is located in a separate building located to the right of this platform, one NG line comes next to this platform for goods transhipment purpose.
YGMRJ4.jpg (33808 bytes) YGMRJ19.jpg (33480 bytes) YGMRJ14.jpg (34646 bytes) More pictures with me and the YG (poor Shyama is always at the viewfinder end).
YGMRJ3.jpg (39150 bytes) YGMRJ17.jpg (31758 bytes) YGMRJ16.jpg (34312 bytes) The picture on the extreme left has Henry (in blue and slate clothes) having a fresh judging look at his machine after he saw us go ape on the loco. The departure of the train right on time, the loco floats on a bed of steam as it struggles to move the load.
YGMRJ18.jpg (40974 bytes) YGMRJ12.jpg (31562 bytes) YGMRJ9.jpg (40904 bytes) Sections of the loco, the green smoke deflectors of the Hubli shed, the shiny clean cylinder, the cute wheels and the robust linkage.
YGMRJ11.jpg (58264 bytes) YGMRJ15.jpg (58790 bytes) Some arrivals at Miraj: the 209 Up Londa - Miraj passenger and the 6203 Up Mahalaxmi express. The sylvan Miraj Jn. hosts the incoming YPs and YGs.
YGMRJ2.jpg (60654 bytes) YGMRJ13.jpg (56926 bytes)


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