YDM4 Diesel at Miraj in 1991

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Photo 1: YDM4 at the head of the 7802 Dn. Miraj - Dharmavaram Kittur Express.

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Photo 2: Receiving the 'BPC' or Brake Power Certificate and the 'Caution Order'.

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Photo 3: Proudly wearing the Guntakal shed's insignia on her face.

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Photo 4: Note the plain-sounding single trumpet horn.

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Photo 5: The lady is handing over a neatly packed and labelled lunch box for her husband working somewhere 'on the line'. This arrangement is fairly common in India on such semi rural lines.

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Photo 6: Kittur Express departure.

Note the lower quadrant signal for the MG and the upper quadrant for the BG line on the right of the platform. Also note the shunting 'disc' signal below the MG semaphore. Similar 'discs' exist for the BG line too. Note the counterweights for the signals. The NG station (of Solapur Division of Central Railways) is outside this MG + BG station (of Hubli Division of South Central Railways) premises towards the left of this picture and all the lines come together below the road overbridge (ROB).


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