More pictures of our Wankaner Trip [9 - 12 Jan 1999]

Pictures by Viraf Mulla, Sarosh Mehta and Shrinivas Joshi. Please send them a mail if you have a comment.

Image6_small.jpg (1613 bytes) Viraf's dawn pictures
Image15_small.jpg (1845 bytes) Viraf's shunting pictures
Image27_small.jpg (4585 bytes) Viraf's Morbi pictures
Image36_small.jpg (1704 bytes) Viraf's Wankaner in the afternoon pics
Image43_small.jpg (2800 bytes) Viraf's more WKR afternoon pictures
Image51_small.jpg (1801 bytes) Viraf's Morbi, Dahinsara & Gandhidham pics
Image107_small.jpg (2473 bytes) Sarosh's Wankaner and Morbi pictures
Image211_small.jpg (2328 bytes) Sarosh's Morbi, Dahinsara and Maliya pictures
Image88_small.jpg (2668 bytes) Shrinivas's Wankaner and Morbi pitcures


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