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Checking the 6011 power at Pune

check.jpg (79429 bytes) The assistant of the 6011 Mumbai - Chennai express checks the Guntakal WDM2 # 16388. The main air intakes for the prime movers are located above the open door. These make sharp sucking sounds at twice the frequency of the engine speed. The radiator screens are on either side of the long hood with a large vertical fan.
check1.jpg (93280 bytes) This is the 'expressor' (combined compressor (2 cylinders) and exhauster (4 cylinders)). It makes a lovely thumping sound when it cuts in. The large item above the expressor is the 'oil maze' air filter which cleans the intake air for the prime mover. This air is then sent to a massive turbocharger and then aftercooled before being consumed in the cylinders. Note the individual can like air filters to the 'expressor' cylinders.
check2.jpg (95914 bytes) The round machine towards the bottom is the low-pressure pump which lifts fuel from the fuel tank below the frame. This must run at all times when the loco is alive. Also visible towards the right is the casing of the RTTM (Rear Truck Traction Motor) blower which is belt-driven from the power shaft that runs into the radiator compartment.

More WDM2s for south-bound trains

kzj.jpg (47982 bytes) The Kazipet WDM2B # 16705 in the 'Rajdhani' livery, this loco has provision only for air brakes. This is the 1019 Dn. Mumbai - Bhubhaneshwar Konark Express power. The 'transition' coupler (the clevis) used for interfacing the loco's CBC with the passenger coach's screw coupler can be clearly seen. The train visible on Pune Jn. pf 2 is the 2780 Nizamuddin - Vasco Goa express which would head for Goa in a few minutes.This siding for south-bound WDM 2s located between pf 2 and 3 is referred to by the shunting staff as 'lungi' siding (a sarong like garment worn in India) for some reason unknown even to themselves.
jumbo.jpg (76211 bytes) Not one but two Jumbos wait in the other south facing siding adjacent Pune pf 6. The blue loco # 17808 is from SCR's Guntakal shed while the other loco # 17803 is from SR's Erode shed which seems to hint the fact that DLW made all the Jumbos in a batch. As per a directive, all Jumbos will be converted to a normal short hood when they reach the rebuild stage. Note the creeper on the climbing electric pole in the background. This particular vegetation seems to have affinity for high tension (this pole is charged to 11,000 volts!) and is found on electric poles all over.
jumbo1.jpg (73027 bytes)

Lines near Wadi Jn.

wadi.jpg (26947 bytes) A map of the area in the pics (If the PNG version (9 KB) doesn't work, try the JPEG version (27 KB)). The CR track (Solapur division) from Solapur from the NW direction arrives at Wadi Jn. At this station, a track branches NE towards Hyderabad/Secunderabad. The track continues in the SE direction towards Raichur and Guntakal now under the SCR (Guntakal division). A small line exists between the HYD and RC line which allows trains to come to bypass the Wadi Jn and the associated reversal.
wd.jpg (80801 bytes) This is shot from the 1063 express leaving Wadi Jn. on the southeast branch towards Raichur - Guntakal. The track in view is the northeast-heading branch towards Hyderabad.
wd1.jpg (69318 bytes) One more pic of the HYD branch and lots of railway atmosphere, the tall flood light towers, the buffer stops for turnout lines, the lower quadrant signal gantry, the wide open spaces…
wd2.jpg (61727 bytes) A loaded coal BOXN rake waits on the Wadi bypass. These trains are known as the 'KSN specials'. Note the '605.5' sign — this is the distance in kms from Mumbai CSTM. This is just ½ km out of Wadi which is at Km 605. After Raichur (which was the crossing point for the old GIPR and the MSMR), the kms are referred to Chennai and reduce as you move further south.
wd3.jpg (80290 bytes) The KSN specials originate from the coal fields of the MP and the Chattisgarh state and travel south via Ballarshah - Kazipet. They provide coal to the massive Krishna thermal power station (KSN) near Raichur. The MUed WDG2 powers from Gooty shed wait with the KSN special on the Wadi bypass.

Krishna thermal power plant

ksn1.jpg (51061 bytes) A WDG4 waits at the entrance of the Krishna power plant.
ksn.jpg (33358 bytes) The unbelievably large cooling towers of the thermal plant can be seen for many kms by the side of the railway line near Raichur. The size can be judged by the man-sized door on the top of the ladder. The plant takes in huge quantities cooling water from the Krishna river which flows by the facility. The other input, the coal, enters the plant from the Wadi side.

Crossing and overtake at Aspari

asp.jpg (43134 bytes) Our 1063 is stopped on the platform line at Aspari near Guntakal. We overtake another train, an unmarked holiday special (Ahmedabad - Chennai?) which waits on the second platform line. The train crossing us is 6354 Up* Tirupati - Mumbai express. This is a single line section and crossings are frequent. *Note the SR number (the number 6) for a train that does not run even one Km inside SR territory!
asp1.jpg (70380 bytes) The Guntakal division crew of the Erode shed WDM2C # 14048 get a wave from a GTL division uniform-wearing colleague traveling on the holiday special. Note the reversed seating arrangement on this loco as on most WDM2Cs — the driver's large glass is on the left side of the loco with the door behind him.
asp2.jpg (80717 bytes) After the crossing, the 1063 starts first, being higher in status than the holiday special. Our power, the GTL shed WDM2 # 17175 lays a characteristic Alco smoke trail as it opens up.
asp3.jpg (72303 bytes) Surprise! The Erode shed WDM2 # 14049 is one of the unique class of the 'cab front' locos modified by the Golden Rock works. These were locos involved in heavy collisions which were rebuilt with these cabs, everything contained in the short hood (dynamic brake grid/blower and the train/loco brake tanks/plumbing) was moved to aft of the cab.
asp4.jpg (70678 bytes) The serial numbers of this loco and the the earlier Erode power are close. Was the loco on the TPTY - CSTM express also a 'cab front'? Is this also a WDM2C?

6010 Up Chennai - Mumbai mail crossing at Kupgal

10up.jpg (85477 bytes) Guntakal shed WDM2 # 18416 comes in with the legendary 6010 Up mail using heavy dynamic brakes — the application of the db produces the telltale plume of smoke when the train is stopping.
10up_1.jpg (97622 bytes) One of the many crossings necessitated by a single line section. Note the 509/2 Kms (pronounced as five odd nine bar two by the railwayman) which is the distance between Chennai and Raichur.

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