WDM2 working links

Pune loco shed homes about 120 WDM2 locos. This is the link of 51 Pune shed WDM2s to work mail/express and passenger trains. It gives an insight about the hard work and planning that the Indian Railways does. This link dates back to 1997, so a number of trains have different numbers and timing now. Some run on a different route today, like Netravati Express via the Konkan Railways. Even if the links are somewhat dated, they still make fascinating reading. I have included some maps of the areas to fully understand the locations of the destinations. I have highlighted the tracks that the Pune locos cover in this link.

This is a record of how the WDM2 powers from Pune shed get thrashed.

Link1_small.jpg (2111 bytes) Link 1
Link2_small.jpg (3629 bytes) Link 2
Link3_small.jpg (3335 bytes) Link 3
Link4_small.jpg (2834 bytes) Link 4
Link5_small.jpg (2924 bytes) Link 5
Link6_small.jpg (2593 bytes) Link 6
Link7_small.jpg (2834 bytes) Link 7
Link8_small.jpg (1187 bytes) Link 8
Link9_small.jpg (1492 bytes) Link 9
Link10_small.jpg (2809 bytes) Link 10
Link11_small.jpg (3533 bytes) Link 11
WestIndia.jpg (275207 bytes) Map of Maharashtra and surroundings
SouthCentral.jpg (262724 bytes) Map of South Central India
SouthIndia.jpg (251228 bytes) Map of Southern India
NorthIndia.jpg (267808 bytes) Map of Central and some Northern India


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