Jodhpur trip 12th - 17th June 2002 [page 1]

Pune - Dadar by 1026 Up Pragati Express

panto3.jpg (43456 bytes)

Roof details of the WCAM3 # 21943 that would haul our 1026 Pragati express on the 12th of June 2002 between Pune and Mumbai. This is just a start, more detailed pics would be loaded as soon as available.

panto.jpg (43844 bytes)

This is the DC pantograph with two collection bars. The air cylinder that moves the panto from the folded to the extended position can be seen, The cylinder is isolated from the charged panto frame with a horizontal insulator.

panto1.jpg (45332 bytes)

The supply from the panto is led on these bars that are insulated from the roof. I do not know the identities or the functions of the parts, but as I said, this is a start.

shunters.jpg (96190 bytes)

Kurla shed WDS4 diesel hydraulic shunters # 19540 & 19597 wait at the pit lines behind the electric shed at Pune Jn. Lovely windscreens on these locos!

limit.jpg (80372 bytes)

The WCG2 # 20136 arrives at Pune with an empty BCCN (bulk cement) rake returning to Shahbad cement factory. This is the (inner) home signal of Pune. Note the end of the block section for the shunt signals of the station territory.

bccn.jpg (60324 bytes)

Only a few slots exist for freighters in the busy Mumbai - Pune section. Hence it is common to see a freight train cross the 1026 at the same time, at the same place, on most days.

detc.jpg (80767 bytes)

The Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC) homing to Lonavala rests at its home base. These self-propelled vehicles are designed for OHE maintenance and have surplus power (700 HP) so can haul two additional coaches, if necessary. The tall electric pylon is one of two (South East 1 or South East 2) EHT lines that is used to supply power to the railway substations on the Mumbai - Pune route.

wcg2.jpg (96746 bytes)

WCG2 # 20151 waits on the middle road at Lonavala. These locos perform the duty of banking the trains in the Bhor ghats between Karjat and Lonavala.

mangala.jpg (106146 bytes)

Erode shed WDM2 # 18376 brings the Ernakulam-bound Mangala express on the NE branch at Kalyan Jn. while our Pragati express arrives on SE branch.

kyn.jpg (80751 bytes)

View of the Kalyan yard with a loaded BCCN rake with double-headed WDG3A locos that are headed for Kalamboli on the KR line. Also seen is a WCAM1 from the WR. The area in the foreground is a vegetable patch, the railways lease surplus land for such purposes, thus keeping squatters out. This is the 51st Km from Mumbai CSTM and this is the 18th OHE structure in that km, and hence the distance marker.

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