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Images from the Jaipur - Sawai Madhopur line

These are some images by Dr. Shirish Yande of his journey from Jaipur to Sawai Madhopur in September 1987.

He could manage to footplate the YP in charge in a section.

JP.jpg (141495 bytes) The YP 2641 rolling on the platform line while Shirish sits on the coal heap.
JP1.jpg (128560 bytes) A view towards the back.
JP2.jpg (136633 bytes) The loco enters the loop towards the main line.
JP21.jpg (160469 bytes) Almost on the main line.
JP3.jpg (136468 bytes) The view from the driver's side.
JP4.jpg (161940 bytes) The linkage and the valve gear of the YP.
JP5.jpg (158543 bytes) A detailed view.
JP6.jpg (156716 bytes) More wheel pics.
JP7.jpg (162222 bytes) The charming wayside station with the open air signal box from which Shirish commenced the footplating session.
JP10.jpg (120112 bytes) The loco rests at a station
JP8.jpg (186149 bytes) The chalked text in front of the loco is 'Sati Mata Ki Jai Ho'. This picture is from the period when the 'sati' fever was at its peak.
JP9.jpg (144678 bytes) The grand station building at Sawai Madhopur with Shirish and family in foreground.

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