WDM2 at Daund

Although Daund (station code DD), 70 kms southeast of Pune handles a lot of trains, the special event in the day is the arrival of the 2627/2628 Karnataka superfast express between Bangalore (SBC) and New Delhi (NDLS). This is a double WDM2-headed train with 22 coaches. Just watching the abnormally long train rolling with two diesels upfront is a treat by itself. Half a kilometer after this platform the track branches north towards Manmad to join the main trunk from Mumbai towards North India.

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Photo 1: The dark blue/light blue loco pair from Krishnarajapuram (KJM) brings in the 2627 Up 'KK', as she is known, from Bangalore towards New Delhi. This is the lunch break for the passengers as well as for the twin WDM2s which get fueled at the platform itself, while 'on load'. Note the fuel line at the right of the leading loco — the black pipe emerging from the ground. Note also the water-filling gantry for the carriages as well as for the loco's radiator. The staff changes and a fresh crew 'work' this train towards Manmad (MMR) after a 10-minute halt.

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Photo 2: 'Starter right' says the assistant to the driver, seeing the single yellow eye of the Up line starter on road 1. The driver prays, touching the control stand devoutly and waits for the 'Guard right' from the main guard right at the end of the train, whose flag will also be repeated by a signalman on the platform. Note the 'underguard' has already shown his 'right' in the first coach. The goat just doesn't care for all the fine drama happening behind in the Daund forenoon.

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Photo 3: 'Guard Right' at last! Horns blaring, the stud KJM powers begin to inch forward and the 'KK' is on her way.

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Photo 4: As the locos move slowly, a view of the multiple unit cable and the buffers uniting the two powers to perform as one. Note the elaborate lashing of the MU cable by the careful KJM staff. As the KK departs, Daund goes back to its easy afternoon. Note that the 2627 is an 'Up' train from Bangalore till Daund, thereafter it becomes a 'Down' train all the way to New Delhi where it will arrive after another 24 hours. The return trip 2628 KK arrives at Daund at 2025 hrs.

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Photo 5: This is the WDS6 heavy shunter waiting at Daund. The loco uses a 6-cylinder inline Alco engine and the entire electrical transmission from the MG YDM4 to make a fine 1200 HP shunter and trip locomotive. Lack of dynamic brakes has allowed the short hood to be cut down. Note the 'Alco'-inspired cab roofline.

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Photo 6: Another WDS6 at shunts at the petrochemical complex at Loni (LNE) 17 Kms from Pune.


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