Some DMU pix

Here are some pix of the DMU (more specifically the DEMU - Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) train which will be increasingly common in the next few years. My association with the DEMU is that the engine control panel for the prime mover (Cummins VTA 1710L of 705 HP) is designed and manufactured by my company.

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To start on a false note, this is not a DEMU but a DETC (diesel electric tower car) - used for OHE maintenance. The reason that this pic is here is that this is from the same family of self propelled trains. Also in the offing are self propelled accident relief train and medical relief van/hospital train.

Note the all weather 'Cockpit' on the roof from which the ride of the pantograph is observed during run. Note the folded panto near the cockpit. Note also the 'tower' or the hydraulic platform in the middle of the roof that can be swung onto the adjacent line if required. The large sloping roof mounted item towards the front is the radiator for the engine. This DETC is homed at Bhusaval. The rollers on the platform in the foreground is to prevent stray cattle onto the platform.


This is a three coach DEMU at the washing siding of Madgaon (Goa) Jn. of Konkan Railway. This is the non engine driving end (known by the operators as DTC - driving trailer car).


This is the same DEMU at Verna (also in Goa) showing the engine room details. The V 12 engine and the traction alternator is in the room behind the driver's cab. The silencer, and radiator fan can be clearly seen. This DEMU uses the Side Mounted Radiator pack while the DETC shows the Roof Mounted pack. This coach is referred to as DPC (driving power car).

The rake carries the South Central marking, is operated by Konkan Railways and is part owned by the Govt. of Goa (some sort of Own your wagon scheme?) & Konkan Rail. Today this train runs from Karwar (Northern Karnataka) to Ratnagiri (Konkan, Maharashtra), while traveling through Goa.


Three coach formation stabled at Madgaon Junction road 2. A spare DEMU coach (TC - Trailer Car) stands to the left.


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