WG loco at Daund shed

These are images from the 1990s, when the Daund shed was almost on its last legs. There were a couple of WGs and one WP, all working passenger services towards Solapur and Manmad. Steam power had stopped coming to Pune many years ago.

Image22.jpg (100560 bytes) A true beast, the WG 10194 is cold metal being under forthnighly maintenance. This is a North British loco, as is evident from the diamond shaped maker's plate on the boiler above the cylinder.
Image24.jpg (81523 bytes) The boiler is washed out of scum. Note the speedo drive and the step used to come onto the catwalk from the cab.
Image23.jpg (129813 bytes) The main driving wheels and the motion. While stabling steam powers the Daund staff always place stones on either side of the wheels. A little steam always leaks into the cylinders, and locos could move, it has happened!
Image25.jpg (92417 bytes) The 'rocking' linkage.
Image26.jpg (97392 bytes) My lovely wife Shyama against the massive wheels of the WG.
Image27.jpg (71715 bytes) Shyama derives some divine inspiration from the cylinders.
Image28.jpg (90342 bytes) Raman and Apurva study the power. It is 40 ºC and Raman is trying his best to stay cool.
Image29.jpg (91675 bytes) Ahead of the WG is a WP in the blazing sun.
Image30.jpg (89377 bytes) Peeking inside the smokebox.


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