Beasts at Pune

This page contains random images of the railway life at Pune Jn. and surroundings.

WDG2 with BCCN rake under the Alankar bridge (19th March 2000)

WDG2_2.jpg (174019 bytes) The face of the modern diesel freight train. Here is a pair of Pune shed WDG2s bringing a loaded BCCN (bulk cement with pneumatic unloading) rake from Wadi. The platforms 1 and 7 are the same civil structure but with separate signaling blocks. The Pune - Lonavala EMU L 12 Up waits on PF 7. Note the starter signal for PF 7 and the point which would lead the EMU on road 2 directly. Similarly note the points from PF 1 which lead a train to road 2 towards Daund/Miraj.
WDG2_1.jpg (176727 bytes) The train would wait in the up yard for the main line to clear and then continue till Kalamboli on the Konkan Railway via Diva Jn., where the cement would be unloaded. The horns of the WDG2s are delicious, as is the deep, crisp satisfying throb of its V16 prime mover. The seating position is reversed (driver sits on the left of the loco) as is the position of the cab doors.
WDG2_3.jpg (142147 bytes) The trailing WDG2 is the infamous 'balding forehead' variant. The 'short hood' of these powers are longer than the WDM2 items. Hence there is no place for the crew cross from one side to the other on the frame itself. This is important when running in MU or when cleaning the windscreens.

Wabash roadrailer in the Up yard (19th March 2000)

rr1.jpg (127858 bytes) This is the Wabash/Kirloskar Roadrailer which is on RDSO trials. There are four sets of road wheels and are three sets of railway wheel. In the central sections the rail wheel bogie is shared between two frames. The air pipe above the bogie spring may be used to raise/lower the road wheels.
rr2.jpg (151107 bytes) View of the shared bogie with the nameplate 'Kirloskar Roadrailer (RDSO service trials)'
rr3.jpg (150775 bytes) One more view of the roadrailer.

F class locomotive in storage (19th March 2000)

blr.jpg (99459 bytes) Pune Jn. has three ex Barsi Light Railway F class powers. One is plinthed in front of the Pune division building. The other two are lying in the open in the WDS4 shunter trip shed. This is one loco and the second is on the other side.

Some pictures by Bharat Vohra

He was in Pune with Viraf Mulla on the 19th March 2000

WCAM3BV.jpg (124537 bytes) Viraf and Apurva pose with the WCAM3 # 21900 that has hauled the Mumbai - Pune Shatabdi Express. The rake in the background is the Indrayani Express on which Viraf and Bharat have just arrived from Mumbai.
WCAM3BV1.jpg (115683 bytes) This WCAM3 # 21946 with the new livery. This loco can work air braked as well as vacuum braked rakes as is evident from the 'dual brake' text on the power's face. The coaches in the next line are the slip coaches which travel between Pune and Faizabad on Maharashtra Express (7383 Dn.) and Kashi Express (1027 Dn.) with the changeover after a day long wait at Bhusawal Jn.
WDG2BV.jpg (157070 bytes) The 'baldie' WDG2 # 14563 shunts with a brake van. The building at the back is the Hotel Le Meridian, which overlooks the hot action in the Pune Jn.
JumboBV.jpg (183672 bytes) The 'Jumbo' WDM2 # 17808 from Guntakal shed moves slowly towards the Daund end siding for a well deserved rest. The loco had hauled the 6012 Up Chennai - Mumbai Mail from either Renigunta or Guntakal till Pune. Once uncoupled from the rake at the Mumbai end of the station, the loco moves to the other (Daund) end to cross the tracks and stable in the siding next to the wall.

377 down Sasvad Road - Satara passenger

svr.jpg (105878 bytes) This is Sasvad Road station, 12 Kms from Pune on the Pune - Miraj single line. This the first station which uses the Niele's block token and upper quadrant signals. The starter signal permits 377 Dn. to leave the station
svr1.jpg (143276 bytes) This train is empty except for the two drivers and a guard. This is because the train does not start from Pune. The official reason stated is that there is no place for this rake at that hour at Pune Jn.
svr3.jpg (112272 bytes) Once rolling and clear of the platform, the Pune WDM2 # 16042 opens throttle. The track on the high level is the goods loading line.
svr4.jpg (88174 bytes) The empty train moves towards the Phursungi level crossing to proceed towards Phursungi station, 5 Kms south of this point.

Hadapsar level crossing

1078.jpg (120431 bytes) 1078 Up Jammu Pune Jhelum Express blasting towards the end of an epic journey at the Hadapsar level crossing. The train is running before time. This are the lines from Daund towards Pune.
sej.jpg (143175 bytes) A well polished switch expansion joint at the same spot.

Some railway coaches at Pune Jn

swj1.jpg (120655 bytes) The striking livery of the Mysore - Nizamuddin Swaran Jayanti weekly express.
swj2.jpg (108385 bytes) Another view of the same train showing the as yet unexplained stripes on the ends of the GS coach. The haze in the picture is caused by burning garbage off platform 6.
north.jpg (96789 bytes) Nothing unusual, just a GS coach homing to Matunga waiting in the up yard. You can see the yellow 110 V coach battery terminals, the toilet and the washbasin chutes, the ladder to climb on the top, the side water filling pipe and the vacuum brake pipe. The reason for this pic - the unexplained marking of 'North End' in the top line of the text- this end is facing Daund i.e. the south!
milk.jpg (130564 bytes) An eight wheeler non refrigerated VVN Milk tanker homing to Calcutta in the Pune yard.

WCAM 3 hauling Mumbai Kolhapur Koyna Express into Pune

7307_1.jpg (176327 bytes) Kalyan WCAM3 # 21945 brings in the 7307 from Mumbai.
7307_2.jpg (162804 bytes) A view of the loco as it leaves the main line towards platform 6.
7307_3.jpg (140289 bytes) Once onto the loop line, the loco applies power once more to gain some speed. Note the 'high adhesion' bogies on this dual voltage loco.

Double Headed Deccan Express

1008_1.jpg (147657 bytes) It has been observed that 1007Dn. Deccan Express frequently leaves Mumbai with two WCAM3 powers. This is the 1008 Up Pune - Mumbai Deccan Express doing the same thing in the reverse direction.
1008_2.jpg (155644 bytes) Kalyan shed WCAM3 # 21952 is coupled with # 21935 to haul the 17 coach rake.
1008_3.jpg (165653 bytes) Both the locos are live with crew in the rear power also. The locos are not MUed. I could not tell if the rear loco was being notched up as well.
1008_4.jpg (157992 bytes) Both the locos have the DC pantos raised, that might be in either the leading or the trailing position. Even one loco is quite capable of hauling this rake, so the reason for the second loco is not clear. The second loco is not a spare power being just returned to its home at Kalyan as there is no 'non daily' train into Pune on this day (Thursday).
1008_5.jpg (182988 bytes) Once on the main line and in sight of the favourable Pune advance starter, the loco opens up power.

WDM2C at Pune

wdm2c_1.jpg (102626 bytes) Unusual visitor at Pune, a Kazipet shed WDM2C # 14019. The 3100 HP loco has arrived on the 7018 Secunderabad - Rajkot weekly express. It would return to Secunderabad by 7017 RJT - SC express.
wdm2c_2.jpg (150705 bytes) The 'baldie' poses. The new breed from DLW has the driver seated on the left while facing direction of travel. Note the reversed cab door as compared to a WDM2. Also note the lack of door handles!
wdm2c_4.jpg (143320 bytes) Is it pretty? Even the marker lamps bulge in an effort to round the front profile.
wdm2c_3.jpg (136135 bytes) The long hood of it, the loco has only air brake hoses.
wdm2c_5.jpg (107902 bytes) View from the driver's seat on the left. The seat is not cushioned but with a backrest. Note the wheel type throttle. There is a double headed BCN rake heading our way. Note the wiper actuator with the speed adjusting thumbscrew.
wdm2c_6.jpg (136925 bytes) View of the cab: On the desk - from the left, top row, loadmeter, electric speedometer, brake pipe flowmeter, combined brake cylinder and brake pipe pressure gauge, master reservoir air pressure gauge. On the other portion of the desk still on the top row, note the headlamp switch for front and rear lamps with dimming provision. The many toggle switches control the other lamps like markers etc. The box with the large meter is the recording speedo with a digital clock. Left of the wheel type throttle is the LED lamp indicator for faults and the traction generator field isolating switch. The round hole to the right of the throttle is for the forward - neutral - reverse lever. The two oval slots are for fitting the loco and the train brake levers. The box with the red switch is the silence button for the hooter that sounds if the brake pipe pressure falls, usually due to alarm chain being pulled in the coaches. The other black box is the flasher unit for the 50 Watt flasher fitted near the headlamp for attracting attention of oncoming traffic in hazardous conditions.
kalyanbcn.jpg (116517 bytes) The BCN rake seen in the earlier picture turning towards road 2 (the goods through line) to go to GIT yard at Ghorpadi, 3 Kms south of Pune. The MUed Kalyan shed WDM2s show off their classic lines.

A WDG2 rests while a WDM2 gets relieved

WDG2_8.jpg (124697 bytes) WDG2_9.jpg (121007 bytes) Pune shed WDG2 # 14680 rests in the up yard after having brought an empty BCN rake from Mumbai side.
WDG2_7.jpg (138861 bytes) The side view of the 3100 HP loco shows the 'high adhesion' bogie like the WCAM3 and the longer 'short hood'.
GTLWDM2.jpg (136171 bytes) Guntakal shed WDM2 # 17780 moves to the siding to rest after having brought the 6530 Udyan express from Bangalore. This is a journey of 1020 Kms and 18½ hours duration.

Koyna Express at Phursungi level crossing

7308_1.jpg (84000 bytes) 7308 Up, Kolhapur - Mumbai Koyna express speeds towards Pune near the Sasvad Road station. The train is running 15 minutes late.
7308_2.jpg (97852 bytes) The Guntakal loco runs full throttle past the clear upper quadrant gate signal of Sasvad Road.
7308_3.jpg (95034 bytes) The Koyna blasts past at the closed level crossing.

Bulk Cement rake

BCCN_1.jpg (119938 bytes) Pune shed WDM2 # 18181 hauls in the one of the three special rakes on the CR built for hauling cement powder. These feature unloading of cement with air pressure.
BCCN_2.jpg (134067 bytes) A detailed view of the WDM2 loco, the empty train (why else is there is only one loco?) is going towards GIT yard.
BCCN_3.jpg (129635 bytes) The railways refers to this wagon as BCCN although the markings on the side are BC. I saw a similar rake near Gooty in 1st week of Sept 2000 with BCCW markings.
BCCN_4.jpg (137076 bytes) The rake runs between Shahabad cement factory to Kalamboli on the Konkan railway. Note the absence of any parent railways markings - I believe these are privately owned rakes.
BCCN_5.jpg (137116 bytes) Note the open port near the front wheel of the rear bogie from where the air is pumped in. Please also note the unloading chutes below the wagon. The cement is loaded from the ports at the top.


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