The IRFCA Locomotive Database

The Locomotive Database is one of the more ambitious initiatives of IRFCA. It aims to collect and record information about every single locomotive that is or was running on the IR. Use the link below to view the database.

The IRFCA Locomotive Database

Please do keep in mind that the software that runs the database is still in development and you may encounter problems when you use it. When you do see an error, note it down and wait for a while before you attempt to use the application again. You can write to the webmaster team if the error you noted is persistant.

The IRFCA Apps are facing some database issues at the back end. As a result, some users are unable to login. In addition, the webmasters are unable to issue new IDs as well.

Until the issue is resolved, please post all updates to the IRFCA forums at the links provided below:

Please do not write to the webmasters for new ids for the time being. We will announce updates on this thread.

The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

How do I contribute to the Loco Database?

Collecting information about all IR locomotives is our aim. As any casual observer will attest, this is no easy task. In fact, it's a gargantuan one! That's why we need your help.

First, start by noting down details about each locomotive you spot during your travels or railfanning sessions. Details can include class, number and shed. Once you've noted down a few of them (say, 5-10), head on over to the database and check if any entry already exists for the particular locomotive. If it does, then verify if all information in the database is accurate. If it doesn't match, please write to the webmaster team ( Follow the same procedure when you spot a locomotive that isn't present in the database.

In case you are able to snap a photograph of a locomotive that would serve well as an identifying image for that locomotive, you can upload the photograph to the IRFCA gallery using the following link. Note that you will need a gallery id for this; ask the gallery administrators for one beforehand (

Upload Locomotive Image. Please check the 'For Loco Database' box!

The gallery administrators will review the image and make it available for public use shortly afterwards (within a few days). Note that all pictures are subject to the same submission guidelines and legal terms as for the rest of the IRFCA gallery.

Happy loco spotting and reporting!

The IRFCA Locomotive Database

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