The IRFCA Convention will be held in Hotel Regency. One of Pune's best business hotels, the venue is an easy 8-10 min. walk from Pune Stn.

venue pic

How To Get There?

Hotel Regency is located some 900 meters from the Pune station. Leave the Pune Jn by the foot over bridge (red line in the schematic below) towards the platform 6 side. The foot over bridge ends in a ramp that faces the direction of Daund/Miraj.

After getting down the ramp, keep walking in the same direction, the road will curve a bit. Ignore the swarming Rickshawallahs who would want to offer you a ride.

Cross a T junction with road going towards left and you will see Sohrab Hall building on your left. Be very careful of the mad Pune traffic, which does not care, nor stop for anyone - you would be walking along the flow of the traffic, but there is every chance that a vehicle may come in opposite direction

After you pass Sohrab Hall, on the opposite side of the road, you will see Apollo/Jehangir hospital. Keep walking past the Apollo hospital till you reach another T junction with road on your left. Take this road that branches on the left before the Ruby Hall compound. This is the Dhole Patil Road. Keep walking on the Dhole Patil Road till the first crossroad and then take the left hand street.

Hotel Regency is located across the road - either you can see it now or you are lost!

schematic map of route to venue

Here's the hotel's address and contact information

Hotel Regency
192, Dhole Patil Road
Pune 411001
Tel: 560 30303, 560 33611


Pune has many fine budget hotels that are perfect for a day's stay. However, since many of you are expected to arrive in Pune at unearthly hours, it would be advisable to let us arrange for your accomdation. Please write to Ashish Kuvelkar clearly stating your date and time of arrival and the budget you have earmarked for the hotel.


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