Route Maps - Suburban (1)

For a complete list of maps available on the IRFCA server, see the Catalogue of Railway Maps.

Schematic maps are also available of the Mumbai area and Chennai area as well.

Note: All maps shown below are low-resolution sections of an IR route map created by Samit Roychoudhury. The full high-resolution version is available in printed form from Samit.


Chennai map

New Delhi

Delhi map


Kolkata map


Mumbai map


The copyright for the PDF format map of the Mumbai suburban rail routes is held by Ashish Vashisht. The copyrights for the other maps on this page are held by Samit Roychoudhury. These maps may not be reproduced without permission. Permission to use these maps here is gratefully acknowledged. These maps are schematic depictions and are provided without any warranty as to their accuracy. In particular, international and state boundaries may not be depicted correctly.

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