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Q. Where can I find train-related games? Loco simulators? Etc.?


  • Roni Kappel's IR-specific downloads for MSTS are available on this site!
  • The MSTS World of Indian Railways has IR-specific MSTS downloads.
  • Microsoft sells the Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) developed in conjunction with Kuju Entertainment of the UK.
  • Auran has a train simulator, Trainz, which includes simulations of train driving, railway building, and railway management.
  • CATrain software allows you to lay out and design your own railway lines and trains. This is freeware.
  • TrainMaster : Train and Locomotive simulator. Custom track sections can be coded with a TrackEditor program.
  • 3D Railroad Master is a driver's seat simulation game with many railway layouts, and an ability to build custom layouts.
  • Train Dispatcher 2 is a game that lets you play at being a dispatcher for different railway territories (these can also be built using a Track Builder program. This version of the game is free (later versions (Train Dispatcher 3) require payment). As yet, no track layout information is available for any Indian location for use with this game.
  • "India Rails" is a railway construction / operation game set in India, by Mayfair Games.
  • Railroad Tycoon 2 is a strategy simulation game about railway construction, engineering, and management. Has scenarios from the 19th century through 2030, and includes some scenarios for India.

Other Games

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* Need pointers to other train-related games and simulations / software.

Running IR models on MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator)

(This section contributed by Manohar Natarajan.)

This write-up refers to the wonderful collection of 'virtual' models of IR locomotives, coaches, wagons, Indian scenery (houses, trees, etc.) available at the following site created by Ronald Kappel:

The IR-MSTS forum (hosted by Roni, also linked from IRFCA: has some useful info and neat tutorials on this topic. Though things could vary on each system and what you are trying to do, this is what I did (after many minor hitches) to get the IR beasts running.

  1. Make clean install of MSTS (complete installation, all six routes).
  2. Copy the template directory under Trainsim default directory, to the Routes directory. Rename this directory to 'aswtest' (stands for 'IR - A small world' test).
  3. Download the IR-MSTS zip files:
    • Loco pack 1
    • Loco pack 2
    • Coach packs 1 and 2
    • Signal test route
    • IR Small World activities and objects.
    Follow the instructions in the Readme file within each of the above zip files.
  4. There is a script in one of the downloaded files called installme.bat - run this. This will copy required objects from default MSTS routes to the aswtest directory.
    This and step 2 above will remove most of the errors while loading the objects.

Now you should be able to run the signal test route with IR locos and coaches.

Also look at the tutorial here to get further info on folders and directories of MSTS:

Update 20 July 2007

Here I am listing some of the very good 'Indian' routes available for running our Indian locos and rolling-stock created by several modellers including Ronald Kappel.

1. Andhra Route Available at Needs a login. Login go to the file library and search for 'Andhra'. Route uploaded by Hendrick De Wattman. I have personally tried this route and it is very beautiful, based on the Seattle/Carlisle stock route of MSTS.

2. CSTM-Pune route available on Login and search for 'PUNE'. I have not tried this route myself, so cannot speak about it much.

3. Kuru-Jos - Not strictly an Indian route, but exclusively uses Indian object and desert terrain. Very beautiful. Can be used as a branch line, with minor mods. Log in to, and search for 'kuru'.

I have only listed routes aleady available for download on the net and using the IR objects from the above mentioned forum. There could be quite a few more available or under development (I am developing one myself) but not quite visible to me on the net yet.

Hope you find this write-up useful.

Happy Rail-Simming with MSTS!

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