YDM-4 Diesel Locomotive Internals

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There are some interesting points to note about the YDM-4 in the photograph below.

(See the photo gallery for other photos of this YDM-4 and others. Also see the FAQ for YDM-4 loco details and general information on diesel locos.).

A YDM-4 loco just arrived in Mysore one morning... Photo by Apurva Bahadur, 2002.

  • The yellow stain near the radiator tank filler cap on the roof - this is from the coolant that contains yellow chromate additives for preventing corrosion.
  • Offset exhaust of the YDM-4.
  • Two of the six cylinders of the prime mover.
  • The radiator fan that is still turning.
  • Two cylinders of the four-cylinder expressor seen through the doors on the right.
  • The doors contain the primary air filter elements for the prime mover's air requirement.
  • The main oil bath maze filter is the large rectangular item on the top of the expressor.
  • DC motor and pump for lifting fuel from the tank - this is the greenish - blue cylindrical item on the loco frame - which has to run whenever the loco is live.
  • The curved item above the pump is the guard for the V-belts that drive the rear truck traction motor (RTTM) blower - the FTTM blower is driven off the bull gear on the free end of the traction dynamo/alternator.
  • Finally, note the lovely angled roof line of the YDM-4 loco!

YDM-4 locomotive specifications and notes

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