Palm PDA database of IR loco specifications

A database of IR loco specifications formatted for Palm OS PDAs is available here. It runs under the pilot-db database software program for the Palm OS. Pilot-db is freeware and is available from here:

Click on the 'Download latest versions' link there and choose the latest version in .zip format. (Currently [11/02] this is Unzip the file after downloading and install the 'db.prc' file on your Palm PDA. (If you are interested in using 'pilot-db' for other purposes, you can install other useful extensions too -- see the Readme file in the .zip file.)

Next, download the IR loco specifications database: IR-locos.pdb and install it on your Palm PDA.

After installation, open the 'DB' application on your Palm PDA, and within that the database 'IR-locos'. You will see the database displayed, one loco class on each line. You can scroll to the right to see the specifications for any class, but it is more convenient to tap on a class name to show all the details for that loco on a single screen.

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