Pakistan Locomotive Classes

Designations and Numbers of Pakistan Railway Locos

Serial No.Loco ClassLoco DesignationPower
200x ALP14 Alco P1400hp
202x ALPW16 Alco PW1600hp
205x ALPW18 Alco PW1800hp
209x ARP20 Alco Refurbished Pakistan2000hp
2101-2110 CLP15 Clyde P1500hp
332x ALU18 Alco Universal1800 hp
332x ALU14 Alco Universal1400hp
34xx ALU95 Alco Universal950hp
350x IGE61 I General Electric610hp
35xx GEU61 General Electric Universal610 hp
3?xx ALU26 Alco Universal2600hp
37xx ALU12 Alco Universal1200hp
38xx ARPW20 Alco RPW 2000hp(DL500)
39xx ALU20R Alco Universal (Refurbished)2000hp
40xx GEU15 General Electric Universal1500hp
440x ALU20 Alco Universal2000hp
445x ARU20 Alco Refurbished Universal2000hp
45xx GEU30 General Electric Universal3000hp
46xx ALU24 Alco Universal2400hp
47xx GMU30 General Motors Universal3000hp
48xx GMU15 General Motors Universal1500hp
49xx GMCU15 General Motors C Universal1500hp
50xx GRU20 General Electric Universal2000hp
51xx RGE20 Refurbished General Electric Universal2000hp
52xx RGE24 Refurbished General Electric Universal2400hp
60xx AGE30 RSP AdTranz General Electric RSP3000hp
60xx AGE30 AdTranz General Electric3000hp
61xx DPU30 Dahlian Pakistan Universal3000hp
62xx DPU20 Dalian Pakistan Universal 2000hp
65xx ADE15 ADE1500hp
66xx HAU10 Hitachi Universal1000hp
70xx BCU30 British Consortium Universal3000hp
8001-8050 HAU20 Hitachi Universal2000hp
8050-8099 HBU20 Hitachi Bombardier Universal2000hp
8101-8110 HPU20 Hitachi Peelstick Universal2000hp
82xx HGMU30 Henschel General Motors Universal3000hp
83xx PHA20 Pak Hitachis (assembled at Risalpur)2000hp
  FRAU75 FRA Universal750 hp
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