Meter Gauge Routes

A list of existing and operational MG routes on IR as of about 2004. Meter Gauge is fast disappearing in many sections with the rapid progress of gauge conversion, so an accurate list is difficult to provide, and would be out of date soon. Many of the sections listed here are already closed in preparation for gauge conversion or actively undergoing gauge conversion. E.g., Khandwa-Akola gauge conversion is to start in 2005, Khandwa-Chittaurgarh will be converted in stages starting with Chittaurgarh-Ratlam being converted by 2007. Chittaurgarh-Udaipur is said to be already converted [2005].

See the addendum towards the bottom of this page with some updates, include observations by Mark Torkington in 2011, and also a list of MG routes around 2007.

See also the FAQ section on gauges in India, the Rinbad article on Indian narrow gauge and present day narrow gauge route list, as well as the 1948 narrow gauge route list.

MG Routes, 2004

MG Routes circa 2004
Starting point End point Distance (km) Zone
Garhi Harsaru Jn. Farukhnagar 11 NR
Garhi Harsaru Jn. Rewari Jn. 42 NR
Rewari Jn. Loharu Jn. 91 NWR
Loharu Jn. Sadulpur Jn 50 NWR
Sadulpur Jn Churu Jn 58 NWR
Churu Jn Sikar Jn 91 NWR
Churu Jn Ratangarh Jn 43 NWR
Ratangarh Jn Bikaner Jn 138 NWR
Ratangarh Jn Degana Jn 153 NWR
Ratangarh Jn Sardarshahr 48 NWR
Sadulpur Jn Hisar Jn 71 NWR
Sadulpur Jn Hanumangarh Jn 179 NWR
Hanumangarh Jn Suratgarh Jn 204 NWR
Rewari Jn Ringas Jn 149 NWR
Ringas Jn Phulera Jn 66 NWR
Phulera Jn Ajmer Jn 80 NWR
Ajmer Jn Chittaurgarh Jn 186 NWR
Chittaurgarh Jn Udaipur City 115 NWR
Phulera Jn Jaipur Jn 55 NWR
Ajmer Jn Marwar Jn 140 NWR
Marwar Jn Mavli Jn 152 NWR
Himatnagar Jn Udaipur City 209 NWR
Agra Fort Achhnera Jn 26 NER
Achhnera Jn Mathura Jn 45 NER
Mathura Jn Vrindavan 13 NER
Bhildi Jn Samdari Jn 225 NWR
Bhildi Jn Palanpur Jn 46 WR
Bhildi Jn Gandhidham Jn 255 WR
New Bonaigaon Rangiya Jn 109 NFR
Rangiya Jn Rangapara North Jn 124 NFR
Rangiya Jn Lumding Jn 245 NFR
Lumding Jn Badarpur Jn 183 NFR
Badarpur Jn Karimganj Jn 21 NFR
Karimganj Jn Kumarghat 100 NFR
Karimganj Jn Maishasan 11 NFR
Badarpur Jn Silchar Jn 31 NFR
Silchar Jn Jiribum 47 NFR
Rangapara North Jn Tejpur 27 NFR
Rangapara North Jn Murkong Selek 327 NFR
Rangapara North Jn Bhalukpong 45 NFR
Katakhal Jn Bairabi 84 NFR
Mathura Jn Kasganj Jn 105 NER
Kasganj Jn Mandhana Jn 229 NER
Mandhana Jn Kanpur Central Jn 13 NER
Mandhana Jn Brahmavart 10 NER
Kasganj Jn Bareilley Jn 107 NER
Kasganj Jn Lal Kuan 84 NER
Bareilley Jn Pilibhit Jn 58 NER
Pilibhit Jn Mailani Jn 68 NER
Mailani Jn Lucknow Jn 195 NER
Mailani Jn Nanpara Jn 171 NER
Pilibhit Jn Shahjahanpur Jn 85 NER
Pilibhit Jn Tanakpur 63 NER
Narkatiaganj Jn Bhikna Thori 35 NER
Narkatiaganj Jn Darbhanga Jn 192 NER
Darbhanga Jn Jaynagar 69 NER
Darbhanga Jn Ntrmali 71 NER
Darbhanga Jn Samastipur Jn 38 NER
Samastipur Jn Khagaria Jn 87 NER
Khagaria Jn Mansi Jn 8 NER
Mansi Jn Saharsa Jn NER
Saharsa Jn Forbesganj 110 NER/NFR
Saharsa Jn Kathiar Jn 132 NER/NFR
Kathiar Jn Mansi Jn 116 NER
Kathiar Jn Barsoi Jn 40 NFR
Barsoi Jn Radhikapur 94 NFR
Barsoi Jn Siliguri Jn 162 NFR
Kathiar Jn Tejnarajanpur 33 NFR
Mansi Jn Chapra Jn 280 NER
Chapra Jn Siwan Jn 135 NER
Siwan Jn Gorakhpur Jn 167 NER
Gorakhpur Jn Gonda Jn 154 NER
Gorakhpur Jn Nautanwa 82 NER
Gonda Jn Nepalganj Road   NER
Dohrighat Indara Jn 35 NER
Jaunpur Aunrihar Jn 62 NER
Jhanjharpur Laukaha Bazar 43 NER
Banmankhi Jn Bihariganj   NER
Junagadh Jn Visavadar Jn 43 WR
Palanpur Jn Gandhidham Jn 301 WR
Mahesana Jn Ranuj Jn 27 WR
Ranuj Jn Patan 13 WR
Ranuj Jn Chanasna Jn 13 WR
Mahesana Jn Taranga Hill 57 WR
Ahmedabad Khedbrahma 143 WR
Ahmedabad Botad 177 WR
Khiljadiya Jn Talala Jn 131 WR
Talala Jn Veraval 33 WR
Talala Jn Delvada 71 WR
Khandwa Chittaurgarh Jn 449 WR/NWR
Wankaner Maliya Miyana 79 WR
Mhow Ujjain 81 WR
Bhuj Naliya 159 WR
Prachi Road Jn Kodinar 26 WR
Mahesana Jn Ambliyasan Jn 18 WR
Ambliyasan Jn Kalol Jn 89 WR
Kalol Jn Chanasma Jn 90 WR
Kalol Jn Ahmedabad Jn 31 WR
Dhasa Jn Wansjaliya Jn 192 WR
Nizamabad Bodhan 27 SCR
Guntakal Jn Pakala Jn 329 SCR
Adilabad Nanded 185 SCR
Khandwa Purna Jn 383 SCR
Gadag Jn Bijapur   SWR
Talguppa Shimoga Town 98 SWR
Mysore Jn Chamarajangar 61 SWR
Mayiladuturai Jn Tiruvarur Jn 39 SR
Nagore Tiruvarur Jn 31 SR
Tiruvarur Jn Thanjavur Jn 55 SR
Tiruvarur Jn Karaikkuddi 148 SR
Thanjavur Jn Rameswaram 310 SR
Chennai Egmore Mayiladuturai Jn 272 SR
Vellore Villupuram Jn   SR
Tirunelveli Jn Tiruchendur 62 SR
Madurai Jn Manamadurai Jn 48 SR
Manamadurai Jn Virudunagar Jn 67 SR
Mettupalaiyam Udagamandalam 46 SR
Quilon Tirunelveli Jn   SR
Rameswaram Coimbatore Jn 168 SR
Palaghat Jn Pollachi Jn 58 SR
Cuddalore Port Jn Salem Jn 197 SR

Updated MG information

Updates from Roderick Smith, 2001

(Information received after the prior version of Vikas' list above was on the server.) In 2001, Secunderabad - Mudkhed - Adilabad appears to have still had an MG route. Although all routes through Hubli were BG by 2001, there were significant amounts of MG track in place there, along with MG rolling stock stored on it.

Updates from Mark Torkington, Jan.-Feb. 2011

Saharsa / Katihar area

The only lines left with MG trains are:

  • Saharsa to Forbesganj
  • Purnia to Murliganj
  • anmankhi to Bihariganj

All locos seen were now allocated to NKE rather than SGUJ. GC works are ongoing Murliganj to Dauram Madhepura but are being hampered by floods washing out roads and rails.

Bareilly / Gonda / Aishbagh area

Plenty of lines left with only minimal intrusion from GC. MG lines are:

  • Kasganj to Lal Kuan
  • Bhojipura to Aishbagh
  • Pilibhit to Tanakpur
  • Pilibhit to Shahjahanpur
  • Mailani to Gonda
  • Gonda to Nautanwa
  • Nanpara to Nepalganj Rd

All locos are allocated to IZN and there's plenty of them!

Jaipur area

Only two lines left into Jaipur:

  • Loharu to Jaipur
  • Churu to Sikar

There is now a DLS at Sikar and all locos are now in an attractive (but not very photogenic) chocolate livery.

Indore / Mhow area

When I was there MG was still operating on:

  • Ratlam to Akola (including the Indore S-Bahn)
  • Fatehabad Chandrawatiganj to Ujjain

However there is much talk about upcoming closures in this area with Ujjain possibly already being closed. That said I saw very little preliminary works in the area so maybe its got a couple of years yet...?

List of MG routes from 2007

Source: Indian Railways

ZoneDivisionEnd Points
ECSPJBNKI Banmankhi Jn. PRNA Purnea Jn.
ECSPJBNKI Banmankhi Jn. BHGJ Bihariganj
ECSPJDBG Darbhanga Jn. RXL Raxaul Jn.
ECSPJDBG Darbhanga Jn. SKI Sakri Jn.
ECSPJJJP Jhanjharpur Jn. LKQ Laukaha Bazar
ECSPJJJP Jhanjharpur Jn. NMA Nirmali
ECSPJNKE Narkatiaganj Jn. BKF Bhikhna Thori
ECSPJRXL Raxaul Jn. NKE Narkatiaganj Jn.
ECSPJSHC Saharsa Jn. BNKI Banmankhi Jn.
ECSPJSHC Saharsa Jn. FBG Forbesganj Jn.
ECSPJSKI Sakri Jn. JJP Jhanjharpur Jn.
ECSPJSKI Sakri Jn. JYG Jaynagar
NCAGRAAH Achhnera Jn. BTE Bharatpur
NCAGRABTE Bharatpur BKI Bandikui Jn.
NCAGRAIDH UnKnown AH Achhnera Jn.
NCAGRAMTJ Mathura AH Achhnera Jn.
NCAGRAMTJ Mathura BDB Vrindavan
NEBSBARJ Aunrihar Jn. JNU Jaunpur jn.
NEBSBCI Chhapra Kachehri CPR Chhapra Jn.
NEBSBCI Chhapra Kachehri THE Hatia
NEBSBIAA Indara Jn. DIT Dohrighat Flag
NEBSBTHE Hatia CPJ Kaptanganj Jn.
NEIZNBPR Bhojipura Jn. LKU Lalkua Jn.
NEIZNBPR Bhojipura Jn. IZN Izzatnagar
NEIZNBRY Bareilly Jn. KSJ Kasganj Jn.
NEIZNFBD Farrukhabad Jn. KSJ Kasganj Jn.
NEIZNHTJ Hathras Road MTJ Mathura
NEIZNIZN Izzatnagar BRY Bareilly Jn.
NEIZNIZN Izzatnagar SMG Shahamatganj
NEIZNKSJ Kasganj Jn. HTJ Hathras Road
NEIZNMLN Mailani Jn. PBE Pilibhit Jn.
NEIZNMRT Mathura Cant MTJ Mathura
NEIZNPBE Pilibhit Jn. BPR Bhojipura Jn.
NEIZNPBE Pilibhit Jn. SZP Shahjahanpur Jn.
NEIZNPBE Pilibhit Jn. TPU Tanakpur
NELJNANDN Anand Nagar Jn. GIR Gainsari Jn.
NELJNANDN Anand Nagar Jn. NTV Nautanwa
NELJNASH Aishbagh LC Lucknow City
NELJNDAL Daliganj Jn. STP Sitapur Jn.
NELJNGD Gonda jn. NNP Nanpara Jn.
NELJNGIR Gainsari Jn. GD Gonda jn.
NELJNGIR Gainsari Jn. JAW Jarwa
NELJNGKP Gorakhpur Jn. JEA Nakaha Jungle
NELJNJEA Nakaha Jungle ANDN Anand Nagar Jn.
NELJNLC Lucknow City DAL Daliganj Jn.
NELJNNNP Nanpara Jn. MLN Mailani Jn.
NELJNNNP Nanpara Jn. NPR Nepalganj Road
NELJNSTP Sitapur Jn. MLN Mailani Jn.
NFAPDAPDJ Alipur Duar Jn. DPO Damanpur
NFAPDAPDJ Alipur Duar Jn. NCB New Cooch Behar
NFAPDFKM Fakiragram Jn. DBB Dhubri
NFAPDNCB New Cooch Behar BXT Bamanhat
NFAPDNMZ New Mal Jn. CBD Changrabandha
NFAPDNMZ New Mal Jn. SGUJ Siliguri Jn.
NFKIRBOE Barsoi Jn. MFA Mukuria
NFKIRFBG Forbesganj Jn. JBN Jogbani
NFKIRKIR Katihar Jn. TNPR Tejnarayanpur
NFKIRKIR Katihar Jn. PRNA Purnea Jn.
NFKIRMFA Mukuria KIR Katihar Jn.
NFKIRSGUJ Siliguri Jn. BOE Barsoi Jn.
NFLMGARCL Arunachal JRBM Jiribam
NFLMGARCL Arunachal SCL Silchar
NFLMGBPB Badarpur Jn. KTX Katakhal Jn.
NFLMGBPB Badarpur Jn. KXJ Karimganj Jn.
NFLMGBRGM Baraigram Jn. MANU Manu
NFLMGBRGM Baraigram Jn. DLCR Dullabcherra
NFLMGKTX Katakhal Jn. BHRB Bhairabi
NFLMGKTX Katakhal Jn. ARCL Arunachal
NFLMGKXJ Karimganj Jn. BRGM Baraigram Jn.
NFLMGKXJ Karimganj Jn. MSSN Maishashan
NFLMGLMG Lumding Jn. BPB Badarpur Jn.
NFRNYBVU Balipara BHNG Bhalukpong
NFRNYBVU Balipara MZS Murkeong Selek
NFRNYRNY Rangiya Jn. RPAN Rangapara North
NFRNYRPAN Rangapara North BVU Balipara
NFRNYRPAN Rangapara North TZTB Tezpur
NWAIIAII Ajmer Jn. CNA Chanderiya
NWAIIMJ Marwar Jn. MVJ Mavli Jn.
NWAIIMVJ Mavli Jn. BI Bari Sadri
NWAIIUDZ Udaipur City HMT Himmatnagar
NWBKNBKN Bikaner Jn. LGH Lalgarh Jn.
NWBKNCUR Churu RTGH Ratanagarh Jn.
NWBKNHMH Hanumangarh Jn. SURP Suratpura Jn.
NWBKNHSR Hisar Jn. SURP Suratpura Jn.
NWBKNLHU Loharu Jn. SDLP Sadulpur Jn.
NWBKNRE Rewari Jn. LHU Loharu Jn.
NWBKNRTGH Ratanagarh Jn. RXW Ratangarh West
NWBKNRXW Ratangarh West SRDR Sardarshahr
NWBKNRXW Ratangarh West BKN Bikaner Jn.
NWBKNSDLP Sadulpur Jn. CUR Churu
NWBKNSGNR Shri Ganganagar HMH Hanumangarh Jn.
NWBKNSOG Suratgarh Jn. SRPR Sarupsar Jn.
NWBKNSRPR Sarupsar Jn. SGNR Shri Ganganagar
NWBKNSURP Suratpura Jn. SDLP Sadulpur Jn.
NWJPFL Phulera Jn. MD Madar
NWJPJP Jaipur Jn. FL Phulera Jn.
NWJPJP Jaipur Jn. RGS Ringus Jn.
NWJPRE Rewari Jn. RGS Ringus Jn.
NWJPRGS Ringus Jn. SIKR Sikar Jn.
NWJPRGS Ringus Jn. FL Phulera Jn.
NWJPSIKR Sikar Jn. CUR Churu
NWJPSIKR Sikar Jn. LHU Loharu Jn.
NWJURTGH Ratanagarh Jn. DNA Degana Jn.
NWJUSMR Samdari Jn. BLDI Bhildi Jn.
SCGTLDMM Dharmavaram Jn. GTL Guntakal Jn.
SCGTLDMM Dharmavaram Jn. PAK Pakala Jn.
SCGTLKPD Katpadi Jn. PAK Pakala Jn.
SCNEDAK Akola Jn. PAU Purna Jn.
SCNEDKNW Khandwa Jn. AK Akola Jn.
SCNEDMUE Mudkhed Jn. ADB Adilabad
SRMASCGL Chengalpattu Jn. VM Villupuram Jn.
SRMASTBM Tambaram CGL Chengalpattu Jn.
SRMDUDG Dindigul Jn. MDU Madurai Jn.
SRMDUDG Dindigul Jn. POY Pollachi Jn.
SRMDUKKDI Karaikkudi Jn. MNM Manamadurai Jn.
SRMDUMDU Madurai Jn. BDNK Bodinayakkanur
SRMDUMNM Manamadurai Jn. RMM Rameswaram
SRMDUMNM Manamadurai Jn. VPT Virudunagar Jn.
SRMDUPGTN Palghat Town PGT Palghat Jn
SRMDUPOY Pollachi Jn. PGTN Palghat Town
SRMDUPOY Pollachi Jn. PTJ Podanur Jn.
SRMDUTEN Tirunelveli TCN Tiruchendur
SRMDUTEN Tirunelveli TSI Tenkasi Jn.
SRMDUTPJ Tiruchchirappalli Jn. KKDI Karaikkudi Jn.
SRMDUTSI Tenkasi Jn. QLN Quilon jn.
SRPGTMTP Mettupalaiyam WEL Wellington
SRPGTSA Salem Jn. BRNS Burn & Co' Siding
SRPGTWEL Wellington UAM Udagamandalam
SRTPJCUPJ Cuddalore Port Jn. MV Mayiladuturai Jn.
SRTPJMV Mayiladuturai Jn. TJ Thanjavur
SRTPJMV Mayiladuturai Jn. TVR Thiruvarur Jn.
SRTPJSA Salem Jn. SAMT Salem Market
SRTPJSAMT Salem Market VRI Vriddhachalam Jn.
SRTPJTJ Thanjavur TVR Thiruvarur Jn.
SRTPJTTP Tiruturaipundi Jn. KKDI Karaikkudi Jn.
SRTPJTTP Tiruturaipundi Jn. AGX Agastiyampalli
SRTPJTVR Thiruvarur Jn. NCR Nagore
SRTPJTVR Thiruvarur Jn. TTP Tiruturaipundi Jn.
SRTPJVM Villupuram Jn. CUPJ Cuddalore Port Jn.
SRTPJVM Villupuram Jn. KPD Katpadi Jn.
SRTPJVM Villupuram Jn. PDY Pondicherry
SWMYSMYS Mysore Jn. CMNR Chamarajanagar
SWMYSSMET Shimoga Town TLGP Talguppa
SWUBLGDG Gadag Jn. BGK Bagalkot
WRADIADI Ahmedabad Jn. GG Gandhigram
WRADIADI Ahmedabad Jn. HMT Himmatnagar
WRADIHMT Himmatnagar KDBM Khed-Brahma
WRADIKHD Khodiyar SBI Sabarmati Jn.
WRADIKLL Kalol KHD Khodiyar
WRADIKLL Kalol KTRD Katosan- Road
WRADIKLL Kalol UMN Ambliyasan
WRADIKTRD Katosan Road RUJ Ranuj Jn.
WRADIMSH Mahesana Jn. RUJ Ranuj Jn.
WRADIMSH Mahesana Jn. TRAH Taranga Hill
WRADIMSH Mahesana Jn. UMN Ambliyasan
WRADIRUJ Ranuj Jn. PTN Patan
WRADISBI Sabarmati Jn. ADI Ahmedabad Jn.
WRADIUMN Ambliyasan KLL Kalol
WRBVPDAS Dhasa Jn. KJV Khijadiya Jn.
WRBVPGG Gandhigram BTD Botad Jn.
WRBVPJLR Jetalsar Jn. WSJ Wansjaliya Jn.
WRBVPJND Junagadh Jn. VRL Veraval
WRBVPJND Junagadh Jn. VSW Visavadar
WRBVPKJV Khijadiya Jn. JLR Jetalsar Jn.
WRBVPKJV Khijadiya Jn. VSW Visavadar
WRBVPPCC Prachi Road Jn. DVA Delvada
WRBVPPCC Prachi Road Jn. KODR Kodinar
WRBVPTAV Talala Jn. VRL Veraval
WRBVPTAV Talala Jn. PCC Prachi Road Jn.
WRBVPVSW Visavadar TAV Talala Jn.
WRRJTSUNR Surendranagar DHG Dhrangandhra
WRRTMCNA Chanderiya NMH Nimach
WRRTMFTD Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn. LMNR Lakshmibai Nagar
WRRTMFTD Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn. UJN Ujjain Jn.
WRRTMINDB Indore Jn. KNW Khandwa Jn.
WRRTMLMNR Lakshmibai Nagar INDB Indore Jn.
WRRTMNMH Nimach RTM Ratlam Jn.
WRRTMRTM Ratlam Jn. FTD Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn.
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