Geoff is compiling a list of ALL steam locos in the world. This list below is his current list for India.

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Note: This list is now out of date by a few years, and most of the locos marked 'Working' in the Pakistan section, for instance, are no longer in operation. Now [8/03] one steam loco is said to still be in use on the Changa Manga forestry line, and a CWD and one or two other locos (HGS class?) are kept for tourist runs. The Khyber Steam Safari runs with HGS locos #2216 and #2303.

IndexTownCountyBuiltCountryUsedPreservedBuilderBuildNoBuiltUserStatus as of 1999WheelsGaugeNumberNameAlt NoClassWithdrawnTypeLocation
5831Bostan Junction UKsPakistanPakistan"North British, Glasgow, Scotland" 1911 Working2-8-22ft 6in46  G  Bostan - Zhob Branch (184 miles)
5832Bostan Junction   Pakistan    Out of Use2-8-2n.g.57  G   
5834Bostan Junction UKsPakistanPakistan"North British, Glasgow, Scotland" 1921?Working2-8-22ft 6in62  GS  Bostan - Zhob Branch (184 miles)
5835Bostan Junction   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-8-2n.g.65  GS   
5833Bostan Junction   Pakistan    Out of Use2-8-2n.g.74  G   
5786Changa manga UKe Pakistan"Fowler, John & Co., Leeds, England"17208  Repair0-6-0n.g.17208     Changa Manga Forest Railway
5787Changa manga UKe Pakistan"Fowler, John & Co., Leeds, England"20496  Working0-6-0n.g.20496     Changa Manga Forest Railway
16019Khanewal  MozambiquePakistan   ?working2-8-25ft 6in5122  CWD  shed
5836Kotri Junction   Pakistan    Out of use0-6-05ft 6in2410  SGS  In Depot (Many Locos stored)
16309Lahore   Pakistan 1125 Changa Mangaderelict0-4-0600mm      "Changa Manga Forest Railway, S of Lahore"
6812Lahore   Pakistan 1763  Working0-4-0600mm      "Changa Manga Forest Railway, South of Lahore"
6811Lahore UKe Pakistan"Fowler, John & Co., Leeds, England"20496  Working0-6-0600mm      "Changa Manga Forest Railway, South of Lahore"
6813Lahore   Pakistan 1125   0-4-0n.g.907  A  "Changa Manga Forest Railway, South of Lahore"
5806Malakwal   Pakistan    Working0 2277  HGS   
5818Malakwal   Pakistan   ?Working0-6-05ft 6in2395  SGS  Station Pilot
5816Malakwal   Pakistan   ?Working0-6-05ft 6in2470  SGS   
5805Malakwal  PakistanPakistan   ?Working0-6-05ft 6in2471  SGS  Working Tourist Trains
5817Malakwal   Pakistan    Working0-6-05ft 6in2473  SGS   
5826Malakwal   Pakistan    Working4-4-05ft 6in2973  SPS   
5819Malakwal  PakistanPakistan    Working4-4-05ft 6in2976  SPS  Working Tourist Trains
5823Malakwal   Pakistan    Repair4-4-05ft 6in2985  SPS   
5821Malakwal   Pakistan    Working4-4-05ft 6in2988  SPS   
5825Malakwal   Pakistan    Repair at Lahore4-4-05ft 6in2997  SPS   
5822Malakwal UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England" 1910 Working4-4-05ft 6in3159  SPS   
5820Malakwal   Pakistan    Working4-4-05ft 6in3166  SPS   
5824Malakwal   Pakistan    Repair at Lahore4-4-05ft 6in3191  SPS   
6816Mari Indus  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-6-2n.g.201  ZB   
5808Mari Indus  PakistanPakistan   ?Working2-6-2n.g.203  ZB   
5812Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-6-2n.g.230  ZE   
6818Mari Indus  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-6-2n.g.231  ZE   
5813Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-6-2n.g.232  ZE   
5814Mari Indus   Pakistan    Out of use0 233  ZE   
5815Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-6-2n.g.234  ZE   
6814Mari Indus  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-8-2n.g.47  G   
6815Mari Indus  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-8-2n.g.63  GS   
5810Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-8-2n.g.64  GS   
5811Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-8-2n.g.66  GS   
5809Mari Indus   Pakistan   ?Out of use2-8-2n.g.70  G   
5790Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan   ?Dumped4-6-01000mm127  SP   
5791Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan   ?Working4-6-01000mm138  SP   
5792Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan   ? 4-6-05ft 6in140  SP  To Lahore for repair or scrap
5793Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ? 2-8-21000mm518  YD   
5794Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?overhaul2-8-21000mm519  YD   
5795Mirpur Khas UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Working2-8-21000mm520  YD  shed
5796Mirpur Khas UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Working2-8-21000mm522  YD  shed
5797Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Dumped2-8-21000mm523  YD  shed
5798Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Dumped2-8-21000mm524  YD  shed
5788Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan   ?Dumped4-6-01000mm62  MS  shed
5789Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan   ?Working4-6-01000mm63  MS  shed
6819Mirpur Khas  PakistanPakistan    Dumped4-6-01000mm65  MS   
5804Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Repair2-8-21000mm721  YE   
5799Mirpur Khas UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Working2-8-21000mm722  YE  shed
5258Mirpur Khas UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Derelict2-8-21000mm728  YE  shed
5800Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Overhaul2-8-21000mm729  YE   
5801Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Working2-8-21000mm730  YE   
5802Mirpur Khas UKePakistanPakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?working2-8-21000mm732  YE  shed
5803Mirpur Khas UKe Pakistan"Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England"  ?Working2-8-21000mm734  YE   
5830Peshawar   Pakistan   ?Working2-8-05ft 6in2216  HGS   
6822Peshawar  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-8-05ft 6in2264  HGS   
6823Peshawar  PakistanPakistan   ? 2-8-05ft 6in2277  HGS   
5807Peshawar  PakistanPakistan   ?Working2-8-05ft 6in2306  HGS   
16310Rawalpindi   Pakistan     0-4-25ft 6in      engine shed
5828Samasata   Pakistan    Working0 5100  CWD   
5829Samasata   Pakistan    Working0 5114  CWD   
5827Samasata   Pakistan    Working0 5735  CWD   

IndexTownCountyBuiltCountryUsedPreservedBuilderBuildNoBuiltUserStatus as of 1999WheelsGaugeNumberNameAlt NoClassWithdrawnTypeLocation
17166Pahartali Uke BangladeshVulcan Foundry 1900"Cooch Behar State Railway, EBSR, Khulna-Bagerhat Railway(JKR)"Plinthed2-4-0T2ft 6inCB7 7 1970  
17165Raksay Uke BangladeshVulcan Foundry17571900"Cooch Behar State Railway, EBSR, Khulna-Bagerhat Railway (JKR)"Plinthed2-4-0T2ft 6inCB8 8 1970 Divisional HQ
17164Saidpur Uke BangladeshBagnall25391935"EBSR, Khulna-Bagerhat Railway (KBR)"Plinthed2-4-0T2ft 6inC15 15 1970 Saidpur works

IndexTownCountyBuiltCountryUsedPreservedBuilderBuildNoBuiltUserStatus as of 1999WheelsGaugeNumberNameAlt NoClassWithdrawnTypeLocation
12581Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds, England"38761962Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)derelict0-6-2T2ft 6in Chandra    depot
12589Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds, England"38751962Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)derelict0-6-2T2ft 6in Surya    Janakpur Railway Works
12588Khajuri GermanyNepalNepal"Orenstein and Koppel, Berlin (MBA)"127581937Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)Derelict2-6-2T2ft 6in Rama    Janakpur Railway Works
12587Khajuri GermanyNepalNepal"Orenstein and Koppel, Berlin (MBA)"127571937Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)Derelict2-6-2T2ft 6in Seeta    Janakpur Railway Works
12586Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds, England"15371926Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)derelict4-6-0T2ft 6in Pashupati    Janakpur Railway Works
12585Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds, England"15361926Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)dismantled4-6-0T2ft 6in Guheshwari    Janakpur Railway Works
12577KhajuriUkeUKeNepalNepal"Avonside Engine Co., Bristol, England"20161928"Nepal Government Railways (NGR), Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)"derelict0-6-2T2ft 6in3Gorakhnath    Janakpur Railway Works
12579Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Beyer Peacock, Gorton, Manchester, England"67361932Nepal Government Railways (NGR)derelict2-6-2+2-6-22ft 6in4Sitaram   Beyer Garrattdepot
12578Khajuri NetherlandsNepalNepal"Locomotiev Fabriek Du Croo Brauns, Weesp, Holland"2411939Nepal Government Railways (NGR)derelict0-10-02ft 6in5Krishna    depot
12580Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Beyer Peacock, Gorton, Manchester, England"72431947Nepal Government Railways (NGR)derelict2-6-2+2-6-22ft 6in6Mahabir   Beyer Garrattdepot
12582Khajuri UKeNepalNepal"Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds, England"36841949"Nepal Government Railways (NGR), Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (NJJR)"Dumped0-6-2T2ft 6in7Shree Bishnu    Janakpur Railway Works
12583Khajuri UKsIndiaNepal"North British, Glasgow, Scotland"164301904"South India Railway, Nepal Government Railways (NGR)"Dumped2-8-4T2ft 6inQ1     Janakpur Railway Works
12584Khajuri UKsIndiaNepal"North British, Glasgow, Scotland"164291904"South India Railway, Nepal Government Railways (NGR)"Dumped2-8-4T2ft 6inQ2     Janakpur Railway Works

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