Loco allocations for Howrah/Sealdah ER trains

Loco allocations as of July 2005 (observations at Andal Jn.)
Train Loco and Shed
Black Diamond ExpWAP-4 Howrah / WAP-7 Ghaziabad/Gomoh
Howrah Ranchi Shatabdi ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Burdwan Hatia PassengerWAP-4 Mughalsarai / WAP-1 Ghaziabad
Danapur Howrah ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Kalka MailWAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Amritsar MailWAP-4 Howrah
Shaktipunj expWAP-4 Howrah
Hatia Bhagalpur Vananchal ExpWDM-2 Jamalpur / WAP-4 Howrah
Rampurhat Howrah Mayurakhi PassWDM-3A Andal
New Delhi Howrah SF ExpWAP-4 Howrah
New Delhi Hwrah SF Summer SplWAG-5 Tughlakabad
Lal Quila ExpWAG-5 Tughlakabad / WAM-4 MGS/Ghaziabad
Delhi Janata ExpWAM-4 Ghaziabad
Jodhpur Howrah SF ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Shipra Exp/Chambal ExpWAM-4 Mughalsarai / WAP-4 Howrah
Gouhati Jhajha ExpWDM-2 Andal
Howrah Dhanbad Coal Field ExpWAP-7 Ghaziabad/Gomoh
Sealdah RajdhaniWAP-4 Kanpur/ WAP5 Ghaziabad /WAP-7 ???
Howrah Rajdhani(2301/2302)WAP1 Ghaziabad / WAP-4 Kanpur/Ghaziabad / WAP-7 ????
Mumbai MailWAP-4 Howrah
Bagh expWAP-4 Howrah
Mithila ExpWAG-5 Asansol
Darbhanga Sealdah GangaSagar expWAG-5 Asansol
Poorva Exp (2303/04, 2381/82)WAP-4 Mughalsarai/Kanpur
West Bengal Sampark Kranti expWAP-4 Howrah
Agniveena ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Asansol Sealdah Intercity ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Howrah rajdhani (2305/2306)WAP-7 ???
Poorvanchal Group Trains (Howrah - Gorakhpur trains)WAG-5 Asansol
Akal Takhat expWAG-5 Asansol / WAP??? ???
Ananya ExpWAG-5 Asansol
Upasana ExpWAG-5 Asansol
Howrah dehradoon ExpWAP-4 Howrah
Sealdah Jammu Tawai ExpWAM-4 Mughalsarai
Howrah JammuTawai Himgiri ExpWDM-3A Howrah
Howrah Bhopal ExpWDM-2/3A Gonda
Howrah Ballia ExpWDM-2/3A Gonda
Howrah Patna Jan Shatabdi ExpWAP5 Howrah
Gouhati/Dibrugarh Chennai ExpWDM-3A Andal / WAM-4 Tata
Gouhati Puri ExpWDM-3A Andal WAM-4 Tata.
Alipurduar Ranchi expWDM-3A Andal / WAP-4 Howrah/Santragachhi

Loco allocations as of January 2005
Train Down Loco Shed Comments
Howrah Ranchi Shatabdi Exp   WAP-4 HWH  
Howrah Dhanbad Black Diamond Exp   WAP-4/7 HWH/GMO  
Burdwan Hatia passenger   WAP-4 HWH/MGSL Only twice on MGSL loco.
Kalka Mail # WAP-4 HWH  
Jodhpur Exp # WAP-4 CNB Spotted the train only ones.
Asansol Sealdah InterCity Exp   WAP-6 ASANSOL.  
Coal Field Exp   WAP-4 HOWRAH  
Mithila Exp   WAP-6/WAG-5 ASANSOL  
GangaSagar Exp   '' ''  
Chambal/Shipra Exp   WAP-4 HOWRAH  
Vananchal Exp # WDM-2 ANDAL  
    WDM-2C BKSC Andal towards Hatia
JhaJha Exp # WDM-2 ANDAL  
    WAP-6 ASANSOL Jhajha bound.
Asansol Siuri Pass # WAP-6 ''  
Poorva Exp   WAP-4 CNB/HWH (2330)
Poorva Exp   WAP-4 '' (2381)
Toofan Exp   WAM-4 GZB  
Akal Takhat Exp   WAP-4/6 HWH/ASN  
Upasana Exp   '' ''  
Ananya Exp   WAP-4 HWH  
Amritsar mail # WAP-4 ''  
Howrah Rajdhani Exp # WAP-7 ???  
Sealdah Rajdhani Exp # WAP-4/5/7 HWH/CNB, GZB/GZB?? Only one day in the up direction was WAP-5
Agniveena exp   WAP-4Hwh 
LalQuila Exp # WAG-5 TKD  
New Delhi Howrah SF Exp # WAP-4 BRC Spotted the train only one day.
Purvanchal Group Exp   WAP-6 Asansol  
Sealdah Jaipur Exp # WAM-4 BRC  
Sealdah Jammu tawai Exp   WAM-4/P4/P6 MGSL/HWH/ASN  
Himgiri Exp # WDM-2 HWH/BWN One day only Bwn.
Gouhati/Dibrugarh Chennai Exp # WDM-2/2C Andal  
    WAM-4/P4 Tatanagar/SRC Src WAP-4 on Ghy - MS Exp
Gouhati Puri Exp   WAM-4 Tatanagar  
    WDM-2 Andal  
Bhopal Howrah exp # WDM-2 HWH  
Shaktipunj Exp   WAP-4 HWH  
Sealdah Ballia Exp   WDM-2 GOndia/Samastipur  
Delhi Janata Exp # WAP-4 HWH/BRC Hwh locos are recent; BRC locos earlier.


  • All observations made at Andal Jn.
  • Down trains ('#') are Howrah / Sealdah bound
Loco allocations as of September 2004
Train Loco Shed
Black Diamond Exp WAP-4 Howrah
Burdwan Hatia Pass WAP-4 Howrah
Gour Exp (#) WDM-2 Burdwan
Bishwabharati fast Pass (#) WDM-2 Howrah
New Delhi SF Exp (#) WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Chambal/Shipra Exp (#) WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Rph Burdwan Push-Pull (#) WDM-2C Burdwan
Kalka Mail (#) WAP-4 Howrah
Jodhpur Exp (#) WAP-4 Kanpur
Shaktipunj Exp (#) WAP-4 / WAP-7 Howrah / Gomoh
Asansol InterCity Exp (#) WAP-6 Asansol
Agniveena Exp (#) WAP-6 Asansol
Amritsar Mail (#) WAP-4 Howrah
CoalField Exp (#) WAP-4 / WAP-7 (Howrah/Kanpur) / Gomoh
Bhopal Howrah Exp (#) WDM-2C Howrah
Barauni Sealdah Exp (#) WDM-2 Burdwan
Pakur Howrah IC Exp (#) WDM-2 Howrah
Varanasi Sealdah Exp (#) WDM-2 / WAG-5 Burdwan / Asansol
Mumbai Mail (#) WAP-4 / WAP-7 Howrah / ???
Sealdah Mfp Pass WAG-5/WAP-6 Asansol/Asansol
Poorva Exp (2303) WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Poorva Exp (2381) WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Rajdhani Exp(2302) (#) WAP-4 / WAP-5 / WAP-7 Howrah / Ghaziabad /
Rajdhani Exp (2314) (#) WAP-7 Ghaziabad/Gomoh
Rajdhani Exp (2306) (#) WAP-7 Ghaziabad/Gomoh
Toofan Exp WAP-1 / WAM4 Ghaziabad / Ghaziabad
Sdah Njp SF Exp WDM-2C Burdwan
Howrah Darbhanga Pass WDM-2 Howrah
Kanchenjungha Exp (@) WAP-4 / WDM-2 Howrah (Till Burdwan)/
Bagh Exp (#) WAP-6/WAG-5 Asansol
Mithila Exp (#) WAP-6/WAG-5 Asansol
Purvanchal group Exp (#) WAP-6/WAG-5 Asansol
Amritsar Exp WAM4 Ghaziabad
Rajdhani Exp (2305) WAP-7 Ghaziabad
Upasana Exp WAP-6 Asansol
Ananya Exp WAP-4 Howrah
Akal Takhat Exp WAP-6 Asansol
Mayurakhi Fast Pass (#) WDM-2 Howrah
Shaktipunj Exp WAP-4 / WAP-7 Howrah / Gomoh
Chambal/Shipra Exp WAP-4 Howrah
Gangasagar Exp WAP-6 Asansol
Mithila Exp WAP-6/WAG-5 Asansol
Bagh Exp WAP-6 Asansol
Sealdah Ballia Exp WDM-2 Gonda
Yeshwantpur Mfp Exp WDM-2 Howrah
Himgiri Exp (#) WDM-2 Howrah
Purvanchal Group Trains WAP-6 Asansol


  • # : Trains marked with '#' are down trains bound for Howrah/Burdwan.
  • @ : The Kanchenjungha Exp sometimes changes locos at Burdwan, but often continues through Burdwan without changes (diesel-hauled).
  • The Coalfield Exp. seems to get Kanpur WAP-4 locos that arrive with the 2302 Rajdhani, returning by the Coalfield Exp. to Dhanbad. Such WAP-4 locos return the following day with the Coalfield and are then used by the returning Rajdhani.

Loco allocations as of November 2003
Train Loco Shed
Ranchi Shatabdi WAP-4 Howrah/Mughalsarai
Gandevta Exp WDM-2 Howrah
Black Diamond Exp WAP-4/7 Howrah/Gomoh
Sealdah Mzf Pass WAP-4/WAG-5 Howrah/Asansol
Kanchenjangha Exp WDM-2 Howrah/Burdwan
Sealdah NJP SF Exp WDM-2/3A Howrah/Andal
Kalka Mail (#) WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Jodhpur Exp (#) WAP-4 Howrah
Shaktipunj Exp (#) WAP-7/WAG-7 Gomoh
Jamalpur Exp (#) WDM-2C Jamalpur
Danapur Exp (#) WAP-4 Mughalsarai
Mithila Exp (#) WAP-6 Asansol
Bagh Exp (#) WAG-5/WAP-6 Asansol
Agniveena Exp (#) WAP-6 Asansol
Mayurakhi Pass (#) WDM-2 Howrah
Bishwabharati Pass (#) WDM-2C Burdwan/Howrah
Pakur Exp (#) WDM-2 Burdwan/Howrah
Poorva Exp WAP-4 Howrah/Kanpur
Poorva Exp (2303) WAP-7 Gomoh
Shantiniketan Exp WDM-2 Jamalpur
Darjeeling Mail (#) WDM-2C Howrah
AkalTakhat Exp WAP-4 Howrah
Howrah Bhopal Exp WAP-7 Gomoh
Purvanchal group Trains WAP-4 Howrah
Amritsar Exp WAP-6 Asansol
Upasana Exp WAP-4 Mughalsarai
Rajdhani Exp WAP-7 Gomoh
Rajdhani Exp (Via Gaya) (#) WAP-5/7 Ghaziabad/Gomoh
Sealdah Rajdhani (#) WAP-4 Howrah
Coalfield Exp (#) WAP-4/WAM-4 Howrah/Mughalsarai
Malda Tn JanShatabdi Exp  (#) WDM-2 Howrah/Malda Town
Malda Tn JanShatabdi Exp WDM-2 Howrah/Malda Town
Patna Jan Shatabdi (#) WAP-4/WAM-4 Howrah/Mughalsarai
Patna Jan Shatabdi WAP-4/WAM-4 Howrah/Mughalsarai


  • # : Trains marked with '#' are down trains bound for Howrah.
  • 'Purvanchal Group' includes trains 5047/48,5049/50,5051/52 which share schedules and routes (except 5051/52 which goes through Narketiagunj).
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