Mysore to Sirkazhi and back


I had been to Sirkazhi on 17th September and returned back on 19th September 2010. See below my
rail fanning report.

I was looking for this trip since
I had travelled in Main line last way back in 1992. So I was eagerly looking
forward to this trip, which I had enjoyed fully.

Had left to Sirkazhi (SY) by 6175 Nagore Express on 17th September 2010. For the first time, booked
in FC for myself and my family, which included my son, wife and mom. It was a
wonderful experience. The coach was maintained in a good condition. The coach
attendant was a very courteous person. He promptly informed us just before the
train arrived at Sirkazhi and helped us in getting down from the coach with all
the luggage. I thanked him there itself and also take this opportunity of
thanking the coach attendant through this forum. The train left on dot at 11.15
pm from Egmore. Was not able to see the loco or the coach positions, but FC was
fifth coach from the last. Since it was already past my sleeping time,
immediately went into sleep and was not able to watch any action. However, I
saw that the train was going at moderate speed over the Kollidam bridge. The
train was late by 30 minutes and reach Sirkazhi only at 4.45 am on Saturday,
the 18th of September 2010. Very few people got down at Sirkazhi. In
the FC coach, TJ and NGT passengers were the most.

Return trip was more suitable for
rail fanning. I returned back by Rameswaram – Bhubaneswar Express, on the
evening of 19th September 2010. Its actual arrival time at SY is
15.37 pm as per TT, but it reached SY only at 4.05 pm. There were lots of
vacant berths available in the train. When I enquired with the TTE, he said
that not many people are aware of this train. Along with us, around 20 – 25
people got into the train at SY. The loco in charge of the train was GOC WDM2
18882 in light green livery. We had booked in III AC. The coach – BI – 06108
was from RCF Kapurthala and belonged to E. Coast railway. The date of
manufacture was given as 2001. There is nothing to speak about the coach. It
was badly maintained and the door was making lots of noise while opening and
closing. The occupancy was only 75%. This train had one III AC and one II AC
coach. There was a pantry as well in the train.

The train went through CDM, CUPJ, TPDR, PRT and good speed. The Kollidam bridge was also crossed at good speed.
Train went past PRT at around 5.30 pm and came to a halt at Serndanur at 5.45
pm. It was at this station till 6.45 pm, waiting for the arrival of VM – MV
passenger from VM. Only after that passenger came, we were given the signal to
proceed ahead. We reached VM at around 7.00 pm and started from there at around
7.10 pm. We had multiple crossings and stopped four times in between till
Melmaruvattur. After Melmaruvattur, it had a non stop run till Egmore. It
reached Egmore at 10.30 pm. Had it not been for the long wait at Serndanur, we
would have reached Egmore much earlier.

Hope all of you enjoy this report.



Material provided by Vasantharajan R, Copyright © 2010.