Train Details

Train No. 16856
Train Name Exp.
From: Mangalore Central(MAQ)
To: Puducherry(PDY)
Home Zone: Southern Railway(SR)
Home Base: Villupuram Junction(VM)
Via Station: Vriddhachalam Junction(VRI)
Rake Type: ICF
Rake Composition: SLR -GS -GS -GS -S7 -S6 -S5 -S4 -S3 -S2 -S1 -B1 -A1 -GS -GS -GS -SLR (17 Coaches)
Rake Shared With:

22606 (VM To PRR)

22604 (VM To KGP)

16857 (PDY To MAQ)

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From To Class Shed MU? Reversal Date Reported By
MAQ PDY WDM-3A GOC No N/A 2014-07-23 shuhaib Edit

Train Detail History

Train Detail Changed From To Date Reported By
train_no 16044 2011-09-18 Bose
Train No. 16044 16856 2012-04-26
Home Base MAS 2012-04-26
Home Base MAS VM 2013-03-29 Aloke Mukherjee


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